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Find some great apps to play with the kids and teens that you can have fun playing too!

Summer should be all about relaxation and fun but between travelling by car, rail or plane or simply by being stuck indoors on a wet day, the Summer can quickly become a torment...especially with kids around! Here are some fun summer apps to keep the kids distracted on slow days this Summer!

Family Fun

A great family fun app containing traditional games everyone can enjoy including quizzes, and charades. It also has a family conversations which has over 150 different questions aimed at sparking new conversations with one another, helping you listen and understand each other better.


Forgot your monopoly board? Don’t worry, Monopoly is available on most tablets and platforms. The android version has three levels of difficulty so even the youngest can play. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Warning: may cause excessive cheating.


Another traditional game digitised for tablet. Of course not as good as the original but handy if you are stuck for something to do while waiting for the rain to stop or someone’s stolen your deck of cards.

Piano Tiles

This game is seriously addictive for both kids and adults! Tap the tiles to keep the tune going, if you tap the wrong place then the song is over. As you keep going, the tunes get faster and more complex causing hours of musical fun.

Reverse Charades

Okay, so I mentioned charades already, but did I mention reverse charades!? Charades with a twist whereby a team acts out a word (rather than one person ) under a stopclock. Fast paced and a lot of fun with families.