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7 Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of Class

The last day of school is filled with excitement and fun for everyone in school. Holidays and sunshine are mere hours away, so how can you and your class have as much fun as possible and fill those hours with activities? Remember to remind parents to put suncream on their children before school, along with sun hats and long sleeves to avoid sunburn if you choose an outdoor activity. Here are 7 ideas for the end of year celebrations:

  1. Rent an ice-cream truck.
    Imagine the children's faces when you file them out in a line to get an ice cream each? Give them one simple option (a 99 perhaps) to avoid any long waits and indecision.
  2. Movie day!
    The last day of school movie day is a must! Pick an age-appropriate movie, some individually wrapped jellies, one bag each, and you are good to go!
  3. Scavenger Hunt.
    Put approximately 10-12 clues dotted around the yard and classroom, each one giving a clue to where the next one is. The class need to work as a team to crack the codes and find all the clues which lead to a small prize for each child in the class at the end! This may be a choice of a movie, bag of jellies each or a favourite game to play.
  4. Set up a picnic outdoors.
    Request that all children bring into school a blanket or towel to sit on outside. Take the lunches outside and have a class picnic together! The novelty of sitting outside together will have your class kids buzzing!
  5. Outdoor dance party!
    Have your phone set up with a great kid-friendly song or two and some simple dance moves. Line up the kids in the yard, on a field or in the classroom if it's raining and get dancing! A great way to work off some energy, exercise and soak up vitamin D!
  6. Write and act out a play.
    This may sound like hard work but it can be so much fun. Have the class pick two names from five you suggest. The two they pick will be the main characters of the play. Start with one student and work your way around the whole class, each person providing a line to continue the story. Allow it to be as ridiculous as they want and you will all soon be rolling around laughing at the outcome! Finally, ask two willing students to act out the play (swapping out students if more want to be involved).
  7. Create a canvas of handprints.
    Get each child to dip their hand in whichever colour paint they like and place their hand on a large canvas. Ask them to write their name beneath it. When it is complete, leave it to dry and have the school hang it in their designated art area. Each year they are in the school, they will see their art with their names from when they were in that class.

Have a great last day and a happy summer!


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