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According to the Centre for Talented Youth of Ireland gifted children demostrate a range of characteristics which often set them apart from their peers. If you think your child may be expectionally able then check out these general character traits. Remember all children are different and may be stronger in some areas and weaker in others. This list is useful in that it can be used as a possible indicator of talent. In other words, it's a good starting point, if you feel your child may be fall into the gifted spectrum. If you find yourself ticking alot of these boxes then maybe you should considered having your child assessed.

Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented Child

    • Keen powers of observation.
    • Learned or read very early, often before school age.
    • Reads widely and rapidly.
    • Well developed vocabulary - takes delight in using unusual and new words.
    • Has great intellectual curiosity.
    • Absorbs information rapidly - often called sponges.
    • Very good memory - can recall information in different circumstances.
    • Have to ability to concentrate deeply for prolonged periods.
    • Very good powers of reasoning and problem solving.
    • Have intense interests.
    • Possess unusual imagination.
    • Have a great interest in "big" questions, e.g. the nature of the universe, the problem of suffering in the world, environmental issues.
    • Very sensitive - perhaps getting upset easily.
    • Very concerned about rights and wrongs, concerned about injustice

The following websites & organisations can provide information on assessment and resources for Gifted Kids - A Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Children in Ireland. Developed by Irish parents of exceptionally able children, with the support of the Irish Association for Gifted Children, this site aims to give parents information, support and advice about parenting a gifted or twice exceptional child. Parents can also let off steam and share their experiences on the active Parents Forum. Visited Gifted

The Irish Centre for Talented Youth - DCU The Centre offers courses which are fast paced and cover material in more depth and at greater levels of complexity than is usual at post-primary school.  They are designed to be intellectually stimulating.  Approximately thirty courses are on offer and many of these deal with topics not normally encountered in post-primary school.  Eligibility for participation in the courses is based upon SAT and/or PSAT scores and the student’s age at the time the test was taken. CTYI students on these courses are generally between 12 and 16 years old. The CTYI runs courses for 6-8 (in some geographical areas) and 8-13 year olds in addition to it's Talent Search Programme for 12 to 16 year olds . Visit website - Connecting the Gifted Community in Ireland. The culmination of many years of work by a group of parents of gifted children and teenagers in South Dublin and Wicklow, with the support of the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland, this website has been established to serve the wider gifted community in Ireland. It will be developed as a source of information and resources to help in deciding if a child might be gifted, what to do next and what supports are available. It also serves as a place where parents anywhere in Ireland can find other parents for support locally and through which groups can come together to provide support and encouragement to each other and to their children. Our primary goal is to facilitate open dialogue and cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the education and welfare of gifted learners in Ireland. Vist

SPEAK - Supporting Parents of Exceptionally Able Kids

SPEAK is a support group for parents of gifted/exceptionally able children.  Incredibly bright children who need further academic stimulation outside the school curriculum and have been accepted into the DCU CTYI programme. SPEAK organise talks/lectures/activities/events geared towards stimulating these children's interests - encouraging them to think outside the box - and are establishing a network of contacts - professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts - who come along and give presentations on their field. Read more about SPEAK or visit their website on

Dazzled and Frazzled, as it is better known, was established in 2010 by two parents of gifted children in order to filter some of the vast array of information and resources available to the gifted community globally and present it with an Irish twist, relevant to the Irish community. The blog has been an effective platform for national advocacy and for helping to bring other parents of gifted children around Ireland together.