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How to use Pumpkins as Creative Halloween Decorations

You cannot go another Halloween without trying out at least one of these pumpkin ideas! If you carve a pumpkin with the kids every year and would like to do something a little bit different this year, then look no further. With these ingenius ways to use pumpkins in your Halloween regime, you can't go wrong! Check out these six family friendly designs we put together for you.

Magical Pumpkins

Just add paint and glitter to a group of oddly shaped pumpkins to get this simple yet magical Cinderella style pumpkin patch. Find out how to make this fairytale style pumpkin here.

Space Pumpkins

Create an out of this world atmosphere with these neon painted pumpkins! Creating these cool statement pieces is so easy, just add some glow in the dark paint! Get the full tutorial here.

Mess-Free Jack O'Lanterns

If you would like to avoid the mess of scooping out pumpkins, then try this cool alternative! Some old jars, coloured tissue paper, black cardboard, a tea light and hey presto! You have made your very own stylish Jack O'Lantern that can be reused next year!

Pumpkin Flower Vases

Who knew that pumpkins would work so perfectly as flower vases? These will work beautifully outside your doorstep as Halloween decorations, just add a few dead flowers for that extra bit of sinister. Check out how to achieve this Pumpkin Floral arrangement here.

Watery Grave Pumpkin

We love this idea for a great pumpkin piece! All you need is a pumpkin, a fish bowl full of water and some creative props to get this ingenius look! For this idea, you can turn a simple pumpkin in to an exciting exhibition. Get the step by step list of directions here.

Traditional Jack O'Lanterns

Of course, the traditional carved pumpkin is always a classic favourite! Variations of Jack O'Lanterns can range from the simplest to the most complex carvings you could ever imagine! Check out these templates for designs you can try out here.