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HighScope as a Preschool Methodology.

HighScope leads Education with over 4 decades of groundbreaking Early Childhood Research. Research that is benchmarked by practically everyone else in the Industry.

Based on the theory that Active Learning by the child, and shared control by the adult, develops solid foundations for learning, a HighScope day will revolve around opportunities for children to make plans ( choose with intention) and reflect (remember with analysis).

Planning and reflections are positively and significantly related to developmental progress.

Furthermore, in the HighScope curriculum, shared control is central to how Adults and Children interact. HighScope offers a supportive climate where Adults and Children share control of the learning environment. Adults balance the freedom children need to explore with the limits children need to feel secure. In this environment, Adult and Child are partners throughout the day.

As Adults, we appreciate that learning comes easier when we have a strong desire to achieve a new skill. HighScope offers children opportunities to make their own choices throughout the day (within carefully constructed boundaries). The adults observe the child “at play” and participate with the play, often modeling what the child is doing in order to consolidate a positive action and also offering “extensions” so the child can see where they can bring the play to. Carefully designed classrooms and play areas, along with detailed adult/child interaction strategies, allows for all children to develop as individuals. Accredited HighScope centres follow strict guidelines and are monitored ongoingly in order to provide a consistent standard.

To learn more, please visit or visit your local HighScope accredited Preschool