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How to get the best deals on school books

Whether you are buying your primary or secondary schoolbooks this year online, or through retailers, we’ve got the lowdown on all the best places to buy, plus how you can save money with our second-hand books forum.

School books can be very expensive especially secondary school books. But there are ways to save money by trading books between friends and siblings or by selling off last years books to the many book suppliers and websites that buy good quality second hand books.

Book exchanges provide budget buyers a great place to buy or trade books. So, If you are looking to save money this September, one of the best tips is to get books covered so they can be passed on at end of the year. Plus, plenty of school bookstores have offers of free book covering or for small added fee, if you purchase with them. Covering new books this year may pay off when it comes to selling them on. So, look after your leabhairs! has also provided a list of some of the best suppliers in each region around the country. We also have listed some of the best bookstores in Dublin, and online suppliers such as Easons and School and Office World in Dundrum and lots more.

Depending on where you live, quite often these stores have summer deals, so check our website for upcoming news on sales and search through our lists to find the cheapest delivery for your area.

The best ways to save money is to start early ( don't wait till September!) and get those great second hand book deals before they are snapped up. Buying new books that are covered and cared for will make them saleable at the end of the year, which will cover some of the cost for the next term's books.