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Little Rainbow Academy Ireland

Here at Little Rainbow Academy Ireland we are devoted to the well-being of all generations and education through arts. We've worked with thousands of children and young people since 2011 in 7 different counties.

Philosophy with Children and Teenagers (P4C)

Philosophical Inquiry in classrooms or P4C becomes widely recognised as an important addition to our educational system with the enthusiastic endorsement of President M.D. Higgins. The short course in philosophy was introduced to Junior Cycle in September 2016 and since November 2017 we now have a Young Irish Philosopher Award. We’ve worked with both, secondary and primary schools, to deliver once-off sessions or weekly programmes. We really believe that starting early to develop critical and all-encompassing thinking is very important. Our sessions can be easily arranged to fit your curriculum. We teach how to think, not what to think.

In a large-scale study conducted in Scotland in 2001, children in the experimental group had a P4C session once a week, leading to a statistically significant increase in children’s IQ scores over a period of a year. The research also showed following benefits:

  • significant gains in verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • better communication
  • improved behavior
  • improved skills of listening, questioning, reasoning, reading, and understanding.

We offer:
  • becoming your Philosopher in Residence (UK model), running weekly inquiries
  • 6-8 weeks programmes
  • assistance with the short course for Junior Cycle
  • helping students with their project for the Young Irish Philosopher competition
  • training and supporting teachers with implementing P4C in their subjects' curriculum
  • sessions in form of an after-school club

Drumming & Rhythm Playshop

Our Drum Circles are very creative and interactive. We learn about rhythm and percussion instruments while having fun and playing games. All the instruments are provided. We encourage everyone to be themselves, express through music and rhythm while creating deeper bonds within the group.

Benefits of drumming include:

  • burning excess energy
  • stress reduction
  • boosting the immune system
  • raised self-confidence and self-esteem
  • the overall sense of well-being

We offer
  • once-off sessions with chosen classrooms
  • and 4-6 weeks programmes, a possibility of creating a school show

Educational, Interactive and Artistic Mural

Invite us to transform any space within your pre-school, school or community building into a friendly and happy space. We're engaging pupils in all the steps of the process, creating not only a flat painting but a living community. In 2016 one of the schools we've worked with, received Best Kept School Award in Mayo.

Relaxation with Sound and Mindfulness

Create a peaceful atmosphere in your school with the instruments like gongs, singing bowls while practicing mindfulness. We use sound, stories and mindfulness techniques to help children get in touch with their bodies and emotions. We have been working with primary, secondary and special schools. This can be a regular thing or a special treat for your pupils.

Samoan Sasa Dance – Slap, Clap and Wake Up

This traditional wake-up dance from Polynesian Islands is a perfect group exercise. We practice rhythm, dance, movement, individual and group coordination. The workshops are very interactive and fun.
We'll learn different moves, tell a story and create our own unique show at the end of the session. The dance is performed to the rhythm of a drum. It can be taught in smaller and larger groups.

For more information visit our website:

We usually work in Counties Galway, Mayo, Roscommon and Clare. Contact us to discuss the fees and any aspects of our offer. We price each project individually.

tel: +353 851386537