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Pot Collage

Materials List:

  • Sheet A3 Coloured Cartridge Paper/ Card

  • Some Coloured Paper (variety – Green, red, pink, yellow, orange ...)

  • Small amount of tissue paper

  • Colour stickers (or colour and cut an address label)

  • Pencil, Scissors, Parer & Eraser

  • PVA Glue

  • Palette or plate

  • Glue Spreader/ Paint Brush/ Plastic knife

  • Jam Jar

  • Newspaper

How to Do:

Cover your table with newspaper to protect from Glue (PVA is water based).

  1. Take your green sheet of paper and draw long thin leaf shapes (8 – 12)

  2. Cut out your leaves and stick to A3 background page using PVA Glue (see fig 1).

  3. Now pick a coloured page and draw a large vase/ plant pot shape.

  4. Cut out your pot and glue it down on your back ground page beneath your green leaves (see fig 2).

  5. Use your jam jar to trace and cut out six colour circles. Place a small blob of glue on the centre back of the flowers and stick them down on the leaves (see fig 3).

  6. Scrunch up some balls of tissue paper and dip in PVA Glue. Place your balls of tissue paper in the centre of your flowers (see fig 4).

  7. Cut out little circles from coloured address label or use pre-made stickers to decorate your plant pot (see fig 5).

Ideas for use — create a personalised poster for your friends or family
Helpful Tip — When using PVA Glue don’t use too much as it will make the paper soggy!
More arts & crafts — Learn how to make a Wanted Poster

Idea and design provided by
- Dublin's Leading Childrens Art School run by Qualified Art Teachers from NCAD.