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Thinking about repeating the Leaving Certificate?

Below you will find some information on schools and colleges around the country who advertise Repeat Leaving Certificate Courses

Repeating the Leaving Cert is not an option lightly taken and needs to be thought about carefully. It can be a realistic option, if the points are narrowly missed and the student is very focused and determined, or if their study or examinations were interrupted by personal circumstances.

Do I have to take all of my subjects again?

No, you are not required to take the same subjects this time around, although it is not recommended that you take on any more than one or two new subjects.

English, Irish and Maths are not mandatory for repeating students, as long as you have previously passed.

Geography, Business and Ag Science are popular options for those taking up new subjects, but try to pick subjects that have an overlap with those you have already studied.

For example, Home Ec and Biology have similar elements, as do Business and Economics.

If you are re sitting the leaving cert in order to meet a subject requirement and have the points for your desired course, you may only need to repeat that one subject only.

For example, if a course requires a B2 or higher in English, and you failed to meet this requirement originally, you can spend the year studying English alone. BEFORE you make decisions on what subjects to repeat, make sure to check the requirements regarding repeat results with the third level colleges you are hoping to attend.

How can I make sure to get better results this time around?

Having to do another year of intense study after two already is without question an extremely difficult task. However, sometimes it has to be done and it can yield fantastic results. Here are some tips to get you through repeating the leaving -
  • Get stuck in from the start - Don’t adopt an ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude. Your time is important as you only have one year to prepare for exams this time around. Begin the year the way you wish to go on and keep on top of study from the start.
  • Don’t be too disappointed - While repeating the leaving cert is not what you had hoped for, allow yourself to be disappointed for a few days, and then move on. Don't lose hope and slip into a bad mood. Losing control of these feelings could cost you your desired end result.
  • Make time to meet friends - Set aside some time to meet your friends. If you try to study for all of your waking hours, you will soon burn out. Everyone has to be allowed to have a little fun, even if that means losing an hour or two of study time at the weekend. Find a balance between work and play and stick to it.
  • Remember that it is only a year - Keep reminding yourself that it is only one year. Imagine receiving an offer for the course you hope to do in less than 12 months time to keep yourself motivated. The year will fly by and soon you will be joining your friends on their student trips and nights out!
  • Learn from your mistakes - Don’t make the same mistakes as last time round. Identify areas that you can work on to do better. Remember that you are at an advantage as experience is on your side this time. Did you spend too much time on the computer last year? Or did you read the question wrong in one of your exams? Don’t let these things happen again this year by identifying your past mistakes now.

If you are worried about repeating the leaving cert or need some advice, make sure to talk to a careers guidance counsellor who will be able to help.

Private Colleges

Brookfield College Tralee

Brookfield College in Tralee offer an intensive one -year programme with expert teaching and guidance as well as regular assessment.  We encourage students to be positive and upbeat and to embrace the challenge of a repeat year. It can be very rewarding in many different ways. Find out more