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Studying Abroad

The following information pertains to studying in Europe or further afield, in Australia, USA or Canada.

British Universities

If you are prepared to go abroad to study, you will find UCAS (the British University and Colleges Admissions Service) allocates thousands of places through theprocess known as Clearing. All UCAS applicants who have been unsuccessful in getting a place are entered for Clearing and the onus is on them to contact the institutions for a place. Anybody may apply for a place in Clearing, even people who have not applied to UCAS so far.

Courses with vacancies are listed on the UCAS website once the process of Clearing has started. Britain's 'Daily Telegraph' newspaper also publishes vacancies from the same dates. Application may be made online through the UCAS website, Speed is of the essence in applying to Clearing. UCAS advises applicants to be available to speak to admissions offices. Applications to Clearing may be made up until late September, although the later you leave it, the fewer places will be available.

For information on studying in the EU go to

United States of America

There are also approximately 1,700 institutions open to students who wish to study in the US. In order to apply for courses and funding in the States you need to network and be proactive as possible. Many lectures and professors in Irish universities may have spent time in the US and therefore know people you can help you.

It is recommended to start an application process to the US at least 18 months in advance. For information on studying in the US go to and
 Source: Careers Portal