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How to brighten up your baking with Dr. Oetker!!

At Dr. Oekter, we always want to know what the latest buzzword in baking is and we travel around the world each year to check out all the big new trends!. One we have seen a lot of recently is the trend of including a surprise inside your baking – whether it’s a decorative polka dot pattern inside a plain vanilla cake, or a secret melt-in-the-middle centre to a delicious pudding, it’s definitely what’s inside that counts in the world of baking right now!

We are excited to help you to achieve this effect in your home-baking, so we have developed NEW! Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres by Dr. Oetker. The Cupcake Centre pouches contain an indulgent filling perfect for squeezing into the heart of your cupcake, bun or pudding to create a gooey centre. Three flavours are available - Rich Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Zingy Lemon, all bursting with flavour. Simply insert the nozzle into the middle of your cupcakes just after baking and squeeze into the heart of your cake, so that when your guests bite or cut into your cupcake, SURPRISE! … an indulgent centre that oozes deliciousness.

Visit our website to find out more about how to easily achieve delicious surprise inside desserts that explode with flavour, colour for your most ‘wow’ bakes yet! Whether you are a chocolate lover or prefer bright and colourful bakes, we have a recipe for everyone!

So try our unique Surprise Inside Cupacke Centres to brighten up your baking and tap into the trend for surprise insde baking. They’re not only easy to use but will impress your friends and family – NEW! Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres from Dr. Oetker!

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