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The Junior Certificate Appeals Process

If you feel that your Junior Certification results warrant an appeal the process is outlined below and available at Note that Junior Cert candidates cannot review their scripts in the same way Leaving Certificate candidates can. The review process is expected to be completed and results of Appeals issued in the week ending 23rd November 2018. According to the Examinations Commission site, the appeal process is as follows:

How to appeal:

In order to appeal a result in any of the subjects in the Junior Certificate you must apply to do so through the school.’ Your school can then apply to the State Examinations Commission on your behalf. All applications from schools must be sent to the State Examinations Commission accompanied by the appropriate payment. All applications from the school should reach the Commission by Friday 12th October 2018 and therefore must be submitted to the school a few days earlier - check your school's closing date. Late applications received will not be considered. The Commission will not accept applications directly from individual candidates, parents or teachers.’

What is the appeal fee?

The appeal fee for Junior Certificate is €32.00 per subject.The fee will be refunded if the outcome of the appeal is that you are awarded a higher grade.

What happens during the appeal process?

Your script is sent to an appeal examiner for re-marking. This examiner is different from the examiner who originally marked your work. The appeal examiner completes a full remarking of your exam using the official marking scheme. In some subjects involving practical/project work it may be necessary for an appeal examiner to visit the school to re-mark work stored by the school.

Is it possible that I could receive a lower Junior Certificate examination result on appeal?

No. Junior Certificate examination results are not reduced on appeal even if the appeal examiner finds that the marks awarded originally were too high. The practice recognises that the appeals process exists to ensure that the marking scheme was fully and properly applied to the work produced at the examination and that Junior Certificate candidates do not have the opportunity to see the application of the marking scheme to their work.