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Baking with Kids

Our tips for having fun in the kitchen!

Kids love baking up a storm in the kitchen, and it’s also a great way to have fun and share quality time together! Baking is a perfect activity for during the school holidays, a rainy day or a birthday celebration. Not only is it great fun but by baking with your children you can encourage them to use their minds and curiosity, for example:

    • Baking helps to teach basic mathematics, for example dividing a tray bake into squares or doubling quantities of ingredients.
    • It encourages a child’s natural curiosity, for example children may want to know why a cake rises.
    • Baking encourages teamwork between you and your children. Try getting two children to work together to ice a cake.
    • It helps develop patience and follow through. By following a recipe step by step children can see how a batch of raw ingredients can be transformed into something delicious.
    • Baking is a great life skill to have. To be able to bake a loaf of bread or a batch of delicious buns is something you can carry with you throughout your life!

Baking with children is always going to be a bit messy, but you can work to keep it to a minimum – make sure the kids are wearing play clothes and aprons, maybe pop some newspaper on the ground for an easy clean up, and don’t forget to clean as you go and get older children to help!

It’s also important to make the baking activities age-appropriate. For a preschooler, start them off with stirring, decorating and pouring – and of course licking the spoon! Young primary-age children can learn by cutting out biscuit shapes and rolling out icing, while slightly older kids can get stuck in measuring ingredients, using electric beaters and getting to grips with simple baking techniques like creaming, whisking etc. From a safety point of view, always be careful to use oven gloves, ensure the stove is turned off when not in use and supervise older children using sharp objects.

Above all, baking is fun! We’re excited to help you on your way to Even Better Baking with your children, so explore these recipe pages and enjoy!