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School Tours and Birthday Parties at the Toy Soldier Factory

There's no fake machinery or actors - it's a REAL working factory, with REAL workers and REAL processes. Looking to stimulating the depths of your student’s imaginations while broadening both their creative and historical intellect? Why not let us help?

  • Science: learn to understand about melting and shaping metals in our live demonstration where the process occurs before your eyes.
  • Art: Learn how to mix colours and paint figures. Understand painting in a certain sequence with our painting primary and secondary package.
  • History: make history more interesting and fun by visiting the famous Battle of Waterloo exhibit! Did you know that over 30% of soldiers that fought in this battle were Irish? To find out more about the exhibit click this link here.

Is your class up for the challenge? This is not just a hands on experience but an educationally stimulating adventure! To sum up the school tours with the common yet highly rated phrase of ‘Great Craic’!

What is there to expect?

  • Teachers go free.
  • Curriculum appropriate, tailor made for specific age groups & education levels
  • Tours tailored to suit your itinerary and budget.
  • Sweet/coffee corner & Gift Shop
  • Free bus parking & Toilet facilities.
  • Picnic tables on grounds for lunchtime!
  • Free cup of coffee/tea for bus driver while he waits.

Catering for Primary & Secondary Schools

We cater for both primary schools age 7+, all secondary schools and various university courses in order to create an individual experience for your students that they will rave about for weeks after. Don’t miss your chance to visit both Ireland and Europe’s only Toy soldier factory today. Watch the magic happen before your eyes and broaden the depths of your mind.

Expand the teaching methods of your curriculum in many subjects with a visit to us today.
  • Science: Learn about metals. Understanding how to melt metal and shape it into new items.
  • History: Learn the background of historical figures. Make history more interesting by introducing real model soldiers. Visit one of the worlds largest battle dioramas of the Battle of Waterloo created by one of our lifelong German customers using our moulds. DID YOU KNOW that 40% of the men who fought in the battle were Irish. Broaden your European history horizons by learning about a battle which resulted in 15,000 casualties.
  • Art: Learn how to mix colours and paint figures. Understand painting in a certain sequence.
  • Business: Learning how a real factory works and survives in such a remote location

For more information contact Mary at: Tel: 02640342.