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Water Explorer

Do you want to show your students the impact they can have in the world? Water Explorer is an exciting online initiative for schools and youth groups where students can get involved in water conservation missions and challenges and can win prizes, workshops and one off Water Festivals.

The programme engages 8 to 15 year olds in understanding how water affects lives, and taking practical action to protect and save water in school communities.

Get involved and help us make a big splash this year! Register online and avail of one of our very limited FREE ‘Kickstarter Workshops’:

Principal Eamain Riall, from Lissenhall National School, Tipperary: “We were delighted with how well resourced the programme was and the opportunities for involving parents and the community. The programme is a great balance of project based learning, competition and fun, and we would highly recommend it to other schools in the area.”

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