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GPO Witness History

GPO Witness History is a new interactive and immersive visitor attraction which opens this March in the historical and iconic GPO building. The visitor centre takes students of all ages on a journey of exploration and reflection and allows them to examine the events of the 1916 Easter Rising which were pivotal in shaping the modern Ireland that we live in today.

A visit to GPO Witness History links closely to various elements of both the primary and secondary school curricula. By using touch screens and viewing original artifacts, students examine the events leading up to the 1916 Easter Rising.

Personal stories and eye witness accounts from the active participants on both sides, the bystanders and the GPO workers who were caught in the middle; bring to life the events of that turbulent week.

Students can use interactive maps to route military dispatches from the GPO to College Green and use morse code to proclaim the Irish Republic by radio. In addition they are able to examine the living conditions of a wealthy child and a child living in a tenement at the time of the Rising.

An immersive 9 meter semicircular audiovisual space puts students right inside the GPO during the five days in which it was the location for both the military command centre and the seat of the Provisional Irish Government.

The aftermath of the Rising is explored and examined through the use of panels, touchscreens and artifacts. Students will learn about the impact the Rising had on Ireland; both north and south and throughout the world. In the Commemoration Gallery, students can explore how the Rising has been commemorated over the past 100 years and are asked to share their opinion on the Rising.

GPO Witness History is a unique learning resource for students of all ages which brings to life the events of one hundred years ago. Students will leave the visitor centre with a real understanding of the story of the birth of our State.

Tour Duration: 1 hour.

Tours can be adapted to meet your classes’ specific needs.

Cost: €5 per student.

Tours available in Irish and English

Booking is essential and can be made by contacting Central Reservations at or telephone 01 8721916

For more information visit
GPO Witness History, GPO, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin 1,
Education Manager: Ann-Marie Smith;

*Image Courtesy of the GPO Witness History