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Healthy Pasta Recipes from Glanmore Foods on

Hidden Veg
Tomato Sauce

 Use on Everything
 Hidden Goodness
Hidden Veg Tomato Sauce ..

Mac & Cheese &
Cauliflower & Kale

 Leftovers for Lunch
 Hidden Goodness
Mac & Cheese ..

Tasty Tuna

 Hot or Cold
 Fussy Eater Friendly
 Easy to Make
Tasty Tuna Pasta ..


Stir Fry

 Add Meat Optional
 Easy to Make
 Source of Protein
Stir Fry ..

Green-Eyed Monster
Pesto Pasta

 Hot or Cold Lunch
 Minimum Effort
 Health Kick

Pesto Pasta ..

Ratatouille Roast

Veg Pasta

 Hot or Cold Lunch
 Minimum Effort
 Brain Food
Roast Veg Pasta ..

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