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How Child-Safe Is Your Home?

We concentrate on protecting our children when we are outside of the home. Depending on the age of our child this could range from ensuring that they are strapped securely in strollers and buggies, hold our hand when walking, wear headgear while out on bicycles or skates, don’t talk to strangers; the list is endless.
But what about safety within your home? What can you do to prevent childhood accidents? Above all, your common sense will tell you the obvious things to watch our. We have put a few tips together in this article which we hope will be of help:

Stairs/Doors/Outdoor areas


Living areas





Wherever they are stored – keep them out of reach and out of sight of children!

Safety Equipment

Each household should have the following equipment:

What if there is an emergency? What do you do if your child is choking, had been burned or suffered an electrical shock? Why not consider doing a first aid course to learn the basic skills you need in an emergency? You could help to save a life or a child or adult if you have the appropriate training.

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