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What Happens If The School Does Not Respond To My Concerns?

    Some parents have had the unfortunate experience of having brought bullying to the attention of a teacher or school and yet the bullying persists. It may be that the school is unwilling or does not know how to confront a particularly aggressive pupil. It may be that the nature of the bullying is particularly difficult to address e.g. relational bullying.
    If you find yourself faced with a situation where the school claims that they have done all they can to help even though your child is still being bullied, you may have to consider other options.
    In some situations you may need to invoke the schools formal complaints procedures which may require you to submit your concerns/complaint in writing to the Board of Management. Every school is obliged to have a very specific policy on dealing with bullying (view new Dept of Educ guidelines issues in Sept 2013) and you should also ask to view a copy of the policy so that you are clear as to the procedures. ( The procedures may be a little different if the complaint is about a teacher - read more.)
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