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Announcing the Parents Network are very happy to announce the launch of our new free networking tool for parents.

The Parents Network

The Parents Network allows an individual parent to communicate with other parents in their childs school year at either primary or secondary level, via the school pages on the site.

It can be difficult for parents to link up with other parents in their childrens classes. The new Parent Network tool on allows parents to make those contacts which can help with practical issues like
      arranging school runs,
      sharing childcare,
      exchanging second hand goods,
      arranging school social events,
      exploring homework problems
      or simply checking out what other parents are doing with regard to specific events, e.g. are you letting your son/daughter go to the local disco this friday?
Participating in the Parents Network is simple. Once registered on our site, you simply click on the Parents Network link on an individual school’s profile page. You can then opt to associate yourself with the year group (known as 'streams') in your child’s school that you wish to ‘follow’, e.g 1st class or 2nd year. To ‘follow a stream’ means you have the facility to view or post to the discussion threads within that stream. Only members associated with a specific stream can view or respond to the posts of other members within that Stream.

If you are not a parent in the school but have a general interest in a specific school as a prospective parent or a past pupil, you can opt to 'follow the general stream' on the school profile page which means that you will be alerted to any comments posted on the general school page and can respond or post threads to the general stream..
we need you

to link in with the relevant streams in your childrens schools in order to get the conversations started !

To get started straight away, locate your child's school by using the Find a Primary School or Find a Secondary School links.

We have also put together a page of the Frequently Asked Questions about how it works.

Feel free to let us know of any questions or any small glitchs that you might discover in the early days as we would love to hear your feedback to

New Parents Association communication tool

As part of our new Parents Network communication tool, we are also providing a facility where registered Parents Associations can make announcements to the parents who have joined the Parents Network for their school. Parents Associations may find this tool useful to announce Fundraising events, PA meetings or to seek help from parents on a school related event.
A Parents' Association can uniquely make posts to the 'Parents Association' category of the general school discussions for this school, and allow or disallow responses to those threads. All subscribers to individual year group streams or the general school stream will be informed of any new posts in this category in their 'streams update' email. This will allow a Parents Association to quickly distribute information to subscribed followers of the school.

Parents Associations also have exclusive access to the Parents Association forum where you can connect with other local or national registered Parents Associations.

To find out about the registration process for your school's parent's association visit your school's profile page on and click on the 'Parents Association' tab. If you are already a member of a 'stream' for your school, you can quickly access your school page by using the 'my streams' link which appears at the top of every page when you are logged in. If you are not already a member of your school's parent network, to find your school visit either the Primary School Finder or the Secondary School Finder.