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Post-Primary Academic Support Websites

    It would be impossible for us to list here the thousands of useful websites available to help with your children’s academic development, projects and research. So what we have done is listed relevant Irish websites, some of the better known world wide websites and some further sites which act as guides to the seemingly endless range of kids educational websites available on the world wide web.

    Irish Websites
    Explore a range of information, maps, images and games which will support your studies across a variety of subjects including History, Architecture, Irish writers, Flora & Fauna, Irish Language & Legends, Sport, Transport & much more
    The AskaboutIreland website also hosts the Digital Archive of the Irish Times. However it can only be accessed online through schools or libraries. Every edition of the Irish Times since 29th March 1859 is available online in an easily searchable format.
    Providing a range of resources and information for all subjects within the Irish post-primary curriculum including a search facility for resources within a range of topics in both the junior & senior cylcle.
    This website provides valuable resources to help students Learn, to Revise for their Exams, and to enable students and teachers to Explore the wider world of education.
    As part of Ireland's Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Awareness Programme, the website provides resources for visitors of all ages who are interested in science and technology
    A database of Irish terms containing over 270,000 terms, searchable under both Irish and English versions. provides students with an extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web. ontent covers math, science biology, chemistry, physics, finance and history educates on safer usage of the Internet. Aimed at students, teachers and parents it also promotes the positive aspects of using the Internet and informs on how to deal with the risks.