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Stocking Fillers

for Kids and Teens

(Psst...€15 or less!!)

Speak Out Game

The Speak Out Game is sure to become an instant family favourite! This incredibly funny mouthpiece challenge game will have players laughing out loud at the hilarious sentences that they try to read.

Spirograph Design Set

The classic way for aspiring artists to create countless amazing designs is back and better than ever! The Cool Create Original Spirograph Design Set features the iconic wheels and rings of the original, re-engineered and updated for today.

Disney Princess

Bath Fizzers

Transform the colour of your bath water with this lovely Disney Princess Bath Fizzer Set. This is a great Christmas gift to brighten up any bath time.

Mr Potato Head

Discover all the possibilities of the wonderful and wacky Mr. Potato Head toy! With 11 different accessories included, kids can use their imaginations for lots of creative play when they mix and match the parts in all kinds of ways to create their own customised tater.

Mensa IQ Test Home Edition

Are you as clever as you think you are? Maybe you think you're a genius but these 50 brain stumping IQ quiz cards will put that to the test!

Pool Table

Maybe a little bulky to squeeze into a stocking, this miniature pool table still makes our stocking filler list because it's an absolute steal!


For Kids

Christmas just isn't the same unless you get a selection box full of goodies! The Nestle selection box contains all of the faves and you can pick one (or ten!) up in most Tesco stores.

For Teens

Your teen is at that age where they no longer want to be seen as a child anymore. Upgrade the traditional kids selection box to a sophisticated Christmas mug filled with delicious hot chocolate.

Lynx Duo Black Gift Set

Your teen son would love to get this in his stocking!

Happy Jackson Nail Gift Set

Simple, useful and stylish, this assortment of youthful nail varnishes will be a stocking filler winner this Christmas!


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