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Things to Do

for your Mum

(or yourself!)

this Mother's Day

Afternoon Tea

A long tradition among hotels in Dublin and around Ireland is afternoon tea.

Enjoy a massive array of cakes, scones and pastries served in a gracious atmosphere and surroundings with teas and coffees supplied by courteous waiting staff.

Spa Day

Pampering is also on the menu for mums of all ages!

Most spas offer Mother’s Day specials and gift cards. Treatments don't have to cost a packet either with facials, manicures & pedicures starting from just €20.

If you can't get a day off, how about some extra time in bed or even a bubble bath (undisturbed from kids) can go a long way!

Go Somewhere New

If a last minute trip to Paris or Rome is beyond you or kid’s budget, try a meal somewhere different and taste cuisine that you’ve always been afraid of.

Brunch is also becoming a huge phenomenon in Ireland and lots of brunch cafes and restaurants are popping up offering cheaper yet delicious alternative to an evening meal.

Breathe in the Country Air

In Ireland, we’re never too far from beautiful rugged green hills. If the weather permits, check out some of the great walkways & trails around the country.

Our countryside is filled with the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Grab your hiking boots and the family and head off for the day to appreciate nature. Check out Irish Trails for more in your area.

Relax & Read

Having time to read after a long day working and looking after kids will leave any parent feeling demolished.

Though you may try to squeeze one or two pages of your favourite book at bedtime before falling into a coma, having enough time to truly immerse yourself into the magic of literature is difficult. So take some time on your day off to read a good book.

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