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Tips to Beat Stress

No parent gets it right all the time. After all, we're only human! Everyone is different. The things that cause enormous stress to one parent may not bother another at all. Do any of these situations make you feel stressed? If so here are some tips.

The Crying Baby
Its perfectly normal for babies to cry. It's their way of talking to you.

Tips to cope If your baby seems to cry all the time, contact your health visitor or doctor.
Bedtime Blues

It's Late, you're tired and longing to sit down for a break, but your child has a screaming fit when put in the cot.

Tips to cope

The Little Monster

Has your sweet baby turned into a little horror, throwing tantrums and hitting and biting other children?

Tips to cope

The Know-it-all

Is your 5 to ten year old going through a know-it -all phase? Is he cheeky and hard to handle at times?

Tips to cope

The Teenage Rebel

Becoming a young adult is a stressful time - not just for children but for their parents too! They still need you, yet they reject you. Nothing you say or do seems to be right. They make unreasonable demands which can end up in a blazing row.

Tips to cope

Trying to be "Superwoman" or "Superman"

Do you feel responsible for everything - your children, their schooling, cooking, cleaning, shopping and all the other domestic tasks, and perhaps a job outside the home as well?

Tips to cope

The Champion Moaner

All children, whatever their age, can drive a parent crazy by constant nagging and whining for something they want.

Tips to cope

Coping with Unemployment

Unemployment can lead to money worries & a loss of self confidence, and you may be tempted to take this out on your child.

Tips to cope

Getting to School

Trying to get children to fit an adult's timescale is bound to be fraught at times.

Tips to cope

Your Relationship

If you are having problems with your partner, it is important not to take your feelings out on your children

Tips to cope

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