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Toolkit for School Travel

The National Transport Authority, in conjunction with An Taisce Green-Schools, has published a “Toolkit for School Travel”. This toolkit is for aimed at schools who are currently not engaged with the Green-Schools Programme and who wish to promote ways of reducing car use on the trip to and from school, and to reduce the impact of traffic on the community around the school.  We would greatly appreciate it if your organisation could help get this toolkit into these schools.


We hope that the ideas and case studies contained in this toolkit inspire those schools outside the Green-Schools programme to begin to think about how their pupils travel to school. We hope they then get started on implementing some of the measures contained in this document. Having seen what can be achieved, we hope that they are then motivated into joining the very successful Green-Schools programme in order to garner the full benefits across the wide range of environmental themes promoted, particularly Travel.


The ‘school run’ has become a major factor in traffic congestion, particularly in the morning peak. To address this issue, the National Transport Authority has been working, in conjunction with An Taisce and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, with the Green-Schools programme to establish and oversee  a school travel module.


To date 850 schools and approximately 180,000 pupils are involved in the travel module, which  has been extremely successful in reducing the numbers of children who travel to school by car. Recent surveys of over 10,000 pupils reveal a 27% drop in car use and a correspondingly significant increase in numbers of pupils walking and cycling to school. The programme has had major beneficial impacts on the schools which have been engaged in it. 


      “Being part of the Green-Schools initiative has been an extremely positive experience for our school. It has fostered a spirit of co-operation and support within the whole school community”

John Williams, Principal, Divine Word National School, Rathfarnham


The “Toolkit for School Travel” can be downloaded here


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