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Best Halloween Websites for Kids

We had a look through the wacky world wide web to bring you what we thought were the best Halloween-themed websites to keep the whole family entertained. These top five websites encompass all things Halloween with monster characters, puzzles & games, spooky stories and crafty art projects!

These sites are tailor-made for kids but remember to always supervise your kids while they're online. Besides, you might share a giggle with the kids on some of these sites!

1) Spookles - Ages 4+

Spookles is more of an educational website with a monster theme throughout. Here, kids can play games, download colouring pages, books and games. Parents and kids alike will enjoy this website and its many different characters. Check it out here.

2) PBSkids - Ages 5+

This website has lots of great interactive Halloween-themed games for kids. From musical games to creative story-telling and games to improve mathematical skills, this website has it all. What's more, the games are based around your child's favourite cartoon characters such as The Cat in the Hat and Arthur. Click here to visit this site.

3) Spookathon- Virtual Pumpkin Carver - Ages 5+

If you are not carving a pumpkin this year, much to the dismay of your enthusiastic youngsters, then you may be able to satisfy them with this fun virtual pumpkin carver. The kids can design, carve and paint your very own pumpkin. The website even gives you the option to transform your masterpiece into an e-card or a fun jigsaw puzzle! Click here to get carving!

4) National Geographic's Halloween Hangout for Kids - Ages 7+

This website has everything that kids love: animals, science experiments and games. Now the site has a Halloween twist with lots of creepy expo's on deadly spiders and tutorials on how to make your very own ghost gloves. With lot's of spooky games too, this site should keep the kids busy for a while.Explore here.

5) Ben and Jerry's Flavour Graveyard - Ages 10+

Quite possibly the most enjoyable website we have come across, Ben and Jerry's Flavour Graveyard will have both you and the kids in stitches as you navigate your way through graveyard of ice-cream flavours that didn't quite make the cut. So grab your favourite Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and have a look through their hilarious list, complete with bios and short limericks that will keep you entertained for hours. Click here to start.