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Top Gifts for Kids

this Christmas


It is always a struggle to find the 'perfect' gift for kids around Christmas time. With all of the gadgets and gizmos available for kids of all ages, you can find yourself surrendering to your 4 year old and buying them that iPad or phone that will have them inactive and engaged in 'passive' play.

These toys will encourage your child to play and imagine the old fashion way. While some of the gifts may incorporate some smart technology, the core purpose of the toys is to promote organic play and movement. So you won't find the next Playstation or the newest XBox game on this list but you will find toys that will engage your child both mentally and physically. Make sure you have one of these under your tree this Christmas !

Crayola Colour Alive

Give your little artist a gift that is both magical and creative. Crayola have entered the digital world with their line of Colour Alive colouring books. Your child can bring their colouring books alive with the help of a free app (compatible with most smart devices) where they can engage and interact with their creations.

Doh Vinci Style & Store

Vanity Design Kit

A 3D designer that will allow creative kids, especially girls, create their own colourful 3d designs using play dough. With the Vanity design kit, your child will receive a drawer, mirror and a vanity design base that they can design in any way they choose.

Lego Elves Treetop Hideaway

This intricate gift will suit bigger girls as there are so many little bits and parts that it may be a choking hazard for smaller kids. The play set is reminiscent of the famous Polly Pockets with all of its accessories and secret compartments. Girls will love it!

My Friend Freddy Bear

Customize your child's teddy to say things that directly apply to your child. Download the app, hook Freddy up and input all of the personal data about your child ie their friends, favourite foods, films etc. The app also includes learning games and activities to enhance your child's development.

Star Wars Bladebuilders
Jedi Master Lightsaber

With a new installment of the Star Wars franchise coming to cinemas soon, there are sure to be little boys putting Lightsabers on their Santa's list. There are many different kinds available now, varying from affordable to pricey. You can even build your own customised Lightsaber with Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Light Saber.

Live Pets Cleverkeet

The Little Live Pets Clever Keet is just like a real bird only smarter and less messy! Your child will love having all the benefits of having a pet that can sing, dance and play. The kids will also have to teach him how to speak and feed him when he's hungry. This toy will definitely be a big hit this year.

Giant Leonardo Play Set

For the boys who love the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles world, this play set is a must have from Santa! The giant Leonardo doll transforms into an underground sewer play set, with over 9 different rooms and 30 features. It is a bit on the pricey side but it will keep the kids entertained for hours and it will promote imaginative play more than a Playstation or XBox will.


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