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Top Tech Gifts

for Kids and Teens

this Christmas

Here's our list of some of the most child friendly tech gifts for this Christmas. You won't find any PlayStations, IPhones or Xboxes on this list, just well-rounded, educational, electronic devices that will encourage your child's development in a technological world.

Be warned, these devices are expensive and should be classed as 'big' gifts or gifts from Santa himself. Be prepared to shed a pretty penny if you opt for these presents.


LeapFrog have long been renowned for their educational devices geared towards young kids but now they have gone one step further and have developed an educational games console that can be played on the TV. Your child will enjoy playing age appropriate games on an easily navigated interface, just like his older siblings! Read a review of LeapTV here.


VTech InnoTab Max

Save your expensive iPad by giving your child a tablet of their own! The VTech InnoTab is specially designed for kids with games, a movie-maker and child friendly wifi. The tablet also has a learning lodge which help your child with language, cognitive development and basic math skills as well as incorporating an e-reader where they can download books.


My Friend Teddy Bear

Customize your child's teddy to say things that directly apply to your child. Download the app, hook Freddy up and input all of the personal data about your child such as their friends' names, their favourite foods and films etc. The app also includes learning games and activities to enhance your child's development.


Amazon Kindle fire

For older kids, the Kindle Fire is an adequate (and much less expensive) alternative to the big brand iPads and tablets currently on the market. Keep an eye out for the Fire HD Kids Tablet which, unfortunately, is not available in Ireland yet.The 8 GB tablet has cameras, wifi, a 7" display with perfect defination for watching videos and amazon even has its own app store for games, books and music.


Kano DIY Computer Kit

The kano DIY computer kit will allow your child to build their own computer safely from scratch and with minimal difficulty. Once the computer is built, kids can learn computer speak and code through games and puzzles.The Kano Kit is available online with free shipping to Ireland. While it is a bit pricey, it will teach your child some valuable lessons about appreciating the technology at our disposal.


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