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Help! I need a PA.

Posted by School Run Mum on 11/10/2010. Tags: School Run Mum

I had no idea that school would involve such massive amounts of organisation.
Although I was quite well-prepared at the start: the books, the bag, the uniform, the lunchbox, the pencil case (which, I might add, still languishes in the bottom of the bag un-used), the drink bottle….everything was bought well in advance. text re imageThings were ironed and hung neatly in the wardrobe (and that’s a first) and I even had the foresight to charge the camera battery for those ‘First Day at Big School’ snaps, which I look forward to embarrassing my son with when he brings his first girlfriend round for tea.
But since that brief honeymoon period of, erm, about two days when I felt briefly in charge of everything and everyone, things have taken a significant turn for the worse.
Our mornings are becoming increasingly frantic as nobody wants to get up, or get dressed, or eat breakfast. The novelty of ironing small polo shirts has worn off so I face a daily panic of finding presentable clothes for the child to wear, and then there’s a packed lunch to deal with. Don’t even get me started on that.
Every day there is another letter brought home full of
vital school information: dates to remember, food allergies to be aware of, specific items to bring in on specific days, notifications about changes to dates to remember, reminders about encouraging our children to zip up their own coats…’s overwhelming.
My kitchen calendar and cork board (where takeaway menus are now hidden behind school notices) are straining under the pressure. And so am I, which is why I think I need a P.A. to help me with all this.
Is it just me; or is anyone else already looking forward to half-term?



(12-10-2010 10:29)

Oh yes, mornings are very hectic especially as after taking my son to big school need to take my little one to playschool. Next year both wil be in the same school but finishing at different times so still multiple school runs.


(13-10-2010 21:17)

Is there anybody out there who lives in Crumlin and has a daughter in the presentation girls school in Terenure who would like to share the school runs?
We live in Raphoe Road.



(11-10-2010 15:37)


(12-10-2010 20:46)

Your not alone! every day my daughter comes home excited about ANOTHER sport/dance or general activity that she just HAS to do coz her 17 best friends are in it :-D


(15-10-2010 09:03)

We have a 13th year old child starting 1st year and for the first two weeks we had all the losing the dart ticket, fitting with the locker, new friends, new school, more independence... Now we have an added issue; she has met a boy on the train. The only reason of knowing about him is as a result of us finding her and him holding hands... She has only turned 13!!! We have kept it quite and hope that she will let us know but I am not too sure... We are panicking, thinking that she is too young... What do we do? Until very recently, she did not seem to have much of an interest in boys


(13-10-2010 10:39)

I am the mom of a new 1st year. It has been the most stressful 6 weeks of our lives... having to deal with homework that takes forever, studying for tests, lunchboxes that is suddenly not good enough, bullies that's trying to rule the roost, not to mention silly things like upper buttons that are not allowed to be buttoned up anymore because it makes you a freak... oh my goodness, when is October 23rd here??? hehehe

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