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Holidays – with the kids, or without?

Posted by School Run Mum on 21/06/2011. Tags: School Run Mum

text re imageIt seems to be a case of love it or hate it when it comes to holidays and kids clubs. I’m not exactly sure which side of the fence I sit on, and this summer may decide things for me.

For many parents, the main thing they look for when booking their family summer holiday is a full schedule of kids’ clubs activities. With the children entertained, this means that the parents are pretty much guaranteed to get some much needed down time on the sun lounger. The more time the children are in the kids club, the better, in-so-far as an enjoyable holiday goes.

Then there are the traditionalists who feel that the family holiday is for, well, family time and want to go to places where the kids are fully included, along with the evening dinner and soft drinks. I think I’m in this school of thought – for the time being at least. I actually get a great kick out of sharing holiday experiences with the kids and I think I’d just spend a week or two feeling terribly guilty if I packed them off for endless activities with ‘Paulo.’

Then there is an entirely different school of thought altogether, where the parents don’t take the kids with them on holiday at all, sending them off to nana and granddad for a week or so while they escape to a tropical ‘adults-only’ island.

Maybe I’m a martyr; maybe a forthcoming holiday – where there will be a kids club – will open my eyes to this popular holiday feature and I’ll be hot-footing it to the travel agents to get ourselves booked in for two weeks of R&R next year.

What do you think? Are your family holidays all about the kids club for the little ones and R&R for mum and dad, or do you stick together as a family for the time you are away?


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