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Open Evenings - A Great Idea

Posted by School Run Mum on 13/04/2011. Tags: School Run Mum

text re imageLast night we had our first school open evening. This caused great excitement in the School Run Mum household; our son was soooo excited to be taking his parents and little brother into his school to see his classroom and all his work.
I was quite excited myself. It’s a strange thing when your child starts school – you take them every day and pick them up but you never really feel as though you know what happens in between. Any attempts to enquire about the day at school are usually greeted with a shrug or a ‘dunno’ or ‘can’t remember’. So, apart from the homework and the odd, random tale about something which happened, I’ve felt like I have a bit of a blindspot when it comes to really knowing what my child does at school every day. And that’s why open evenings are a great idea.

He ran proudly into his classroom and showed us which table he sits at. He ran around pointing at all his fabulous work displayed on the walls. He grabbed his friend’s hands and ran around with them to show us their fabulous work displayed on the walls. We looked through his workbooks and marvelled at his fantastic five-year-old drawings of a crab and a frog and a clown. I had no idea he could draw crabs, frogs and clowns.

He showed us the Senior Infants classroom and asked eagerly whether he would be going into Senior Infants class next week, or next year!

The school did a fantastic job and all the staff had clearly put a lot of work into the displays in the classrooms. It was certainly appreciated. We had a wonderful evening and left a little bit wiser about the school layout and procedures and bursting with pride for our little boy.


t dunne

(07-05-2011 13:29)

Hi, I actually remember my mum coming to an open evening like that when I was about 8 and it must have been a real boost to me because I can remember showing her my picture of a giraffe on the wall and getting lots of praise. It wasn't very often I got praise as my mum was old school, didn't ever tell me how special I was, only other people! It is a great idea and something all schools should be doing to promote a parent partnership in education.


(06-05-2011 15:27)

I think all schools should do that. Even older children would love to be able to show off school projects and the hard work they are doing in class.

Anupama Sharma

(13-04-2011 10:35)

Hi there I loved your idea and I can understand how exited you must be. But can I ask you a question? How can I purpose this idea in my son's school? What I have to do for that?
Thank & Regards

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