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The School Gate - which one are you?

Posted by School Run Mum on 26/01/2011. Tags: School Run Mum

text re imageThere was an interesting article in Tuesday’s Irish Times by Shelia Wayman about the social interactions which go on at the school gate. It made thought-provoking reading as she pointed out the value of those brief, often-rushed, chats which take place as you drop off or collect a child. I can absolutely see her point: as a ‘School Run Mum’ myself, I often find that a throw-away comment about something I’m doing that day, or some issue we’re having with one of the children can result in a gem of information being passed on which solves all the problems at once. And that’s all before I’ve even had a cup of coffee or brushed my hair properly!
In the social media age of Facebook, Twitter and blogging, it’s no harm to be reminded of the importance of face-to-face interaction with ‘real’ people; as well as with your ‘virtual’ internet pals. Even on those mornings when you really don't feel like talking to anyone, it is probably within your best interests to at least muster a 'good morning' - you never know where it might lead!
Within the article, was an amusing list of the various types of parents you encounter at the school gate; inspired by a survey undertaken by UK parenting site
The different categories of parent listed in the Irish Times version include: Sporty Mum, Office Mum, Glam Mum, Right-on-Dad and Late Mum. I certainly recognised a few character traits among these; although I’m not quite sure which category I belong in. In all honesty, I think I am all of these types throughout the course of the week.
Which ‘type’ of parent are you and how valuable do you find those ‘school gate’ interactions?


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