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Mid-term break: Tricky or a Treat?

Posted by School Run Mum on 20/10/2010. Tags: School Run Mum

So, it’s just a few more days until the mid-term break. Where did that time go?
It only seems like yesterday that I walked with my very excited child into his new classroom and proudly watched him introduce himself to his teacher. text re imageThat was Day One; the remaining 29 school days have flown by in a blur of packed lunches, play dates and lots of growing (my son has grown at least three inches since 1st September and will probably fit another inch in before Friday).
Looking back at the start of this ‘school run’ journey, I now realise I was very naïve. Swept up in the excitement of starting school I had no idea that it would be so exhausting; frantic mornings, rushing here, there and everywhere, getting to know new routines, making new friends – phew, this break can’t come soon enough!
Personally, I’m really looking forward to not having a plan, not having a routine or a timescale to stick to. I’m looking forward to actually conversing with my children in a morning rather than barking instructions at them to put their clothes on, to eat their breakfast and brush their teeth. I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends who have been neglected while we made new ones. I’m looking forward to autumnal walks and generally, taking it easy.
But I know not every parent will feel the same. For working parents, this mid-term break will mean juggling routines and organising childcare. For stay at home parents, the prospect of keeping the children entertained all week can be pretty terrifying.
So, what about you? Will the mid-term break be tricky, or will it be a treat?



(21-10-2010 13:54)

Glad to hear somebody else is going through what I am going through! Those 6 weeks went way to fast!
I fear in all the chaos you may have forgotten about the Halloween Costume! I think I will dress them in clothes they used to fit into a few months ago and call them urchins of the recession!

Great blog by the way!

School Run Mum

(22-10-2010 17:03)

Thanks for your comment JohnMc. I was, in fact, far too organised on the Halloween costumes and the dragon I'd bought in the summer sales has been replaced by a skeleton. Dragons are not scary enough, apparently. Sometimes, you just can't win!

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