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American Apparel school campaign criticised

Posted by Schooldays Newshound on 08/08/2014. American Apparel school campaign criticised Tags: Parenting

US clothing retailer, American Apparel is famous for its controversial advertising, often including half naked female models in its ad campaigns. The brand has received complaints in the past for its ‘offensive’ and ‘overtly sexual’ advertising, with ads being banned for their ‘objectifying’ portrayals of women.

This time around, the US retailer has fuelled outrage among the masses through the launch of its ‘back to school’ clothing range. The website features photos of young women posing in different settings around a school campus, with many in crop tops and cheerleader-style short skirts.

One image, posted to the company's UK Instagram account has caused particular controversy. While it has since been deleted, the image originally showed a young model wearing a particularly short skirt, bent over a car window with her underwear and legs on show.

The campaign has been described as ‘horrifying’ ‘gross’ and a ‘let down’ by social media users.

The saying goes that ‘no publicity is bad publicity,’ but this time American Apparel may have taken its advertising a step too far. What do you think?


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