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CAO applications surge for some courses

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 09/03/2021. CAO applications surge for some coursesTags: Parenting Teachers

While the total number of CAO applicants will not be finalised until the late application facility closes on 15th May 2021, the CAO have released candidate choices to date.

The figures show a significant increase in demand across a broad range of courses which is likely to drive up CAO pints for many of the courses. There have been a total of 79,176 CAO applications submitted with 70,307 of these being for level 8 Courses and 33,163 for level 6/7 courses.

There has been a significant increase in applications for medicine and other halth sciences along with a surge of interest in other disciplines including social and behaviour sciences, journalism & environment and architecture/construction. have highlighted the increases and decreases on 2020 as follows:

What went up from CAO 2020:

  • Environment based courses experienced a 70% increase of first choices at Level 8 as well as a 48% increase of first choices at Level 6/7.
  • Journalism and Information first preference applications rose by 58% at Level 8 following a 19% drop in 2020
  • First preference choices for Education courses at Level 6/7 experienced an increase of 238%
  • Medicine course applications up 25% at Level 8
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences saw a 59% increase in first preference Level 6/7 and 27% at Level 8
  • Hygiene and Occupational Health Services up by 43% at Level 8 and 22% at Level 6/7

    What went down from CAO 2020:

  • Transport Services experienced decreases of 44% at Level 8 and 2% at Level 6/7
  • Interdisciplinary programmes and qualifications involving arts and humanities – down 33% at Level 8
  • Manufacturing and processing down 27% at Level 6/7 and 25% at Level 8
  • Interdisciplinary programmes and qualifications involving agriculture, forestry and veterinary down by 37% at Level 6/7

    Visit the CareersPortal 'Going to College' section for further updates and a customizable CAO CourseFinder and CAO toolbox


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