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Proposal to Gift 18 yr olds Free Interrail tickets

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 30/09/2016. Proposal to Gift 18 yr olds Free Interrail ticketsTags: Parenting

Manfred Webber of the European People's Party (EEP) will put forward a proposal to the EU next week for an initiative to gift all EU citizens with asingle use interrail ticket on their 18th birthday.

The initiative would require funding from the European Commission, cooperating with member states and rail companies in order to achieve it's ambitions.

Interrailing is a popular 'coming of age' holiday for most European youths in which they hop from city to city using the rail system for an extended period of time.

Weber puts forth his question to the European Parliament thusly:
'The mobility of young people is essential in promoting a sense of belonging to Europe, enhancing social cohesion and ensuring a competitive European economy. '

Weber goes to say that Europe is facing the threat of 'populism and the spread of misinformation' and that the 'young generation have a key role to play as a counterweight'.

The EEP group are aligned with Fine Gael and their proposal has received praise and support from Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes:

"Europe needs to reach out to a younger generation. Europe badly needs to dream again and celebrate the common bonds that tie us together. We need to move on from the failure of Brexit. We need to invite young people to travel across Europe – their European Union and experience the idea of unity through diversity.”

“The “18th Birthday Interrail Pass for Europe” would give all young people, regardless of their social and educational background the opportunity to discover Europe,” concluded MEP Hayes.

Do you think this initiative would work? Voice your thoughts in the comments below....


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