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HSE campaign to boost HPV Vaccine uptake

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound on 30/08/2017. HSE campaign to boost HPV Vaccine uptakeTags: Parenting

The HSE has launched a new website aimed at parents who have daughters who are entitled to avail of the free HPV vaccine programme. It is also expected that 40,000 information booklets will be issued to parents over the next few weeks.

While the free vaccine scheme was first rolled out nearly seven years ago, uptake levels of the vaccine fell from a peak of 90% to 50% last year. The aim of the HSE campaign is to increase the update of the vaccine which is at an all time low.

Speaking at the launch of a HSE information campaign, Tony O’Brien, the Director General of the Health Service Executive is reported to have said that a campaign against the HPV vaccine is "emotional terrorism". According to RTE, Mr O’Brien said there has been "a well orchestrated campaign, with no foundation" claiming the vaccine causes serious side effects.

HSE National Director of Health and Wellbeing Dr Stephanie O'Keeffe said the World Health Organisation and every national regulatory body in the world has found that the HPV vaccine does not cause any of the alleged side effects.

According to the new website, over 220,000 Irish girls have safely received the HPV vaccine and over 200 million doses of the HPV vaccine have been given around the world. No serious side effects in any country can be scientifically attributed to this vaccine.

Visit the new HSE website here


Steve Hinks

(05/09/2017 16:19)

WOW, some statement from the HSE.

The vaccine manufacturer, Merck, acknowledges all of the side-effects in its Patient Information Leaflet but the HSE withholds it.

The World Health Organisation does recommend the vaccine (probably intended for 3rd world countries) but their own global database of adverse drug reactions at reports 400 deaths and 897 neoplasms (inc. cervical cancers) amongst 297,020 adverse reactions in 76,154 reports


(07/09/2017 00:26)

Just wondering- is there a disclaimer form to be signed before vaccination?

Mairead Hilliard

(07/09/2017 09:12)

Denmark has stopped using the HPV vaccine Gardasil since 2015 because of reports of adverse reactions from a huge number of girls who received this vaccine
This is the same vaccine that the HSE are promoting for Irish schoolgirls!
The girls are receiving treatment in clinics in Denmark for the illnesses they are suffering from following Vaccination with Gardasil HPV vaccine


(07/09/2017 09:47)

I am not surprised parents are confused about the merits of this HPV vaccine. I speak as the mother of one of the girls suffering since receiving it in 2010 and I have a nursing background. It should not be a 'them ('R.E.G.R.E.T Group of affected girls) or us situation (HSE). It is about providing accurate and full information from the Patient Information Leaflet(PIL) supplied by Merck which currently is not supplied in the pack. Parents need to make the corect decision taking into account their family history and daughter's medical history. Did you know that asthmatics have had reactions ? I heard Dr.Brenda Corcoran from the Immunisation Board say on radio it should not be given to asthmatics but yet that important fact is not in writing anywhere I can see. There is a lot of information on and their Facebook page 'INFORM PARENTS IRL' which is factual including links to the leaflets listing side effects. Gardasil is not a cervical cancer vaccine but a Sexually transmitted disease vaccine which only treats 2 out of several viruses which may go on in 15-20 years to contribute to cervical cancer. The other 2 viruses protect from genital warts. How I wish someone had explained this to me back in 2010 as I thought I was giving my daughter a vaccine that fully prevented her from contracting cervical cancer. Talk to your children about sexual health and regular smear tests to detect abnormal cells which can be treated before they lead on to cancer. Studies report the incidence of cancer seems to be aided by poor diet and increased substantially in those who smoke. Research thoroughly and only then make a decision.


(07/09/2017 10:30)

Please read and research the ingredients of this vaccine it literally is vile(phial). Not bad Dr Kevin Kelleher for someone who supposedly has the literacy level of a12 year old child the reason why the HSE withholds the PIL from Irish parents.


(07/09/2017 12:36)

I am a mother of a very ill girl who was vaccinated in 2012/13. She has many of the symptoms listed as possible side effects of Gardasil, on the Parent Information Leaflet. .I have never told anybody not to vaccinate their daughter


(07/09/2017 12:51)

This is a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease called HPV. IT IS NOT AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER. Vaccine pushers should STOP misleading parents. Parents are not being properly informed. It is now said that this sexually transmitted disease, HPV, does NOT cause cervical cancer. If that's true, then this entire vaccine project is a scandalous abuse of valuable resources and an even worse abuse of our children.

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