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Junior Cert Results out today

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 14/09/2016. Junior Cert Results out todayTags: Parenting Teachers

Over 60,000 students are due to get their Junior Cert results today with the overall numbers sitting the exam up 1.2 per cent on last year. Results are usually issued in the schools late morning and are available online after 4pm on

Education Minister, Richard Burton, has said that this year’s results were “generally in keeping with previous years”. 55% of students took the higher level maths paper with today’s results showing an improvement in the subject at higher level. The number of As in the three main subjects of Maths, Irish and English is up on recent years but in general trends remain much the same. Six students received the max of 12As this year as compared to 12 last year.

Students can appeal their results but it must be done through their schools and a fee of €32 is charged per subject.

The Minister said, "Congratulations to everyone today receiving their Junior Certificate results. The wait between June and now has no doubt been long for you and your families, but I hope that the results today reflect the hard work you have put into your studies. The Junior Certificate marks an important milestone in every student's second level education. For most, it represents their first experience of the formal examination process.” The Minister urged students to enjoy their celebrations with their families and friends sensibly and responsibly.

Similarly the ASTI President, when congratulating students, urged all students celebrating their Junior Cert results today to act responsibly: “Today is a proud day for you, your parents and your teachers. In all celebrations, I urge you to be safe, act responsibly, and keep your parents informed.”

This year is the last year of the traditional Junior Certificate which is to be replaced next eyar with the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) which is a mix of exam grades and other learning achievements assessed in the schools. However, while English is the first subject in which students are expected to do school-based assessments, non-co-operation by the ASTI means that around 50% of current third year students have not undertaken the assessment process.

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ASTI Statement

Teachers proud of their Junior Cert students, says ASTI leader

- Parents, students and teachers value the integrity of Irelands State exams system

ASTI President Ed Byrne has sent a message of congratulations to all of the students, parents and teachers involved in this years Junior Cert State Examinations.

The Junior Cert gives students their first experience of Irelands State exams process and is invaluable in guiding them as they prepare for Senior Cycle and the Leaving Cert, said Ed Byrne.

Parents, students and teachers value the fact that students have in their hands today an independent, objective and fair statement of their efforts and achievements at Junior Cycle level. Students can use this statement to help them make choices about the Leaving Cert programme and to plan for future college and career choices.

The ASTI President said that the current Junior and Leaving Cert programmes help to preserve high education standards at second level and are highly equitable.

While reform is always necessary, the fact is that our second-level education system ensures quality and equity for our students more so than in many other countries. This is borne out by the fact that Ireland has one of the highest school completion rates in the world. Students of all ability levels attend their local school unlike in other countries where students are channelled into different types of schools at an early age. We also have a high rate of progression to third level, well above the OECD average. In Ireland a diverse cohort of students move from second level to third level, which again demonstrates the fact that the second-level system offers quality education opportunities to all students. Any reform must, as a priority, protect and improve on these key strengths, said Ed Byrne.

Finally, the ASTI President urged all students celebrating their Junior Cert results today to act responsibly: Today is a proud day for you, your parents and your teachers. In all celebrations, I urge you to be safe, act responsibly, and keep your parents informed.

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