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Leaving Cert 2014 Results - The Stats

Posted by Sally O'Brien, on 13/08/2014. Leaving Cert 2014 Results - The StatsTags: Education And Politics Teachers Parenting

With Leaving Certificate results currently being released nationwide, and a total of 56,990 students anticipating their results this morning, there are some interesting statistics coming forward.

The State Examinations Commission have released statistical information on how results compared in the 2014 Leaving Certificate to previous years. One of the big talking points today was the rise of 27% in maths students choosing the honours paper which has been welcomed by industry groups and the Minister of Education, Jan O’Sullivan. This significant rise has been attributed to the ‘25 bonus points’ colleges are now offering those who pass the honours level. This scheme was introduced to encourage students to have a better engagement with the subject and so boost participation in technology and science courses.

Here are some of this morning’s most interesting stats:

Understandably, Dublin was the highest percentage of students who sat the Leaving Certificate in country with 13,515 of the total. The lowest country was Leitrim with only 428 students.

There was a rise in those who sat honours physics (11%) however the biggest failure rate of any subjects were in ordinary level Physics and Chemistry papers.

There was a substantial rise in students who sat the Irish honours paper compared with previous years, but also a fall in those who received A1 result.

Leaving Cert Higher English was the highest subject to have been sat over all.

Surprisingly, 82.5% of students who sat the Russian exam who got an A, making it the subject with the highest percentage of As.

There was a rise in numbers of students who sat honours level Japanese, Spanish, German, and Music, with a rise to 108 students who sat Latin, up from 91 of last year.

Minister O’Sullivan congratulated all types of students this morning, saying ‘ “The Leaving Certificate is of course associated with young people completing a vital phase of their lives. However, there are also a significant number of people who return to education, particularly through the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme. Some 767 adults sat the Leaving Cert in this category, and I would like to recognise their tremendous dedication and courage.”

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(08-10-2014 15:29)

Individual school results aren't available publicly - you would have to ask the school for them. You can see stats on our site on the number of students from individual schools going on to third level.


(08-10-2014 15:23)

Where can I find out the results achieved by a particular school?


(08-10-2014 22:15)

Junior Cert student moved school this week and the new school does not do German. Located in West Cork. Any suggestions?

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