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New grandparents payment scheme proposed

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 02/08/2018. New grandparents payment scheme proposedTags: Parenting

In a new payment scheme proposed by Independent Ministers in Budget negotiations, Grandparents who aid in childcare would be paid €1000 annually, The proposed payment, which would require no proof of expenses, would be available to grandparents who provide childcare for more than 10 hours per week.

The scheme is being described as a reimbursement scheme for grandparents due to the significant expenses incurred during childcare. The figure is also said to show appreciation toward grandparents for providing a workforce of parents who are in turn able to spend more time at work due to the free childcare provided by grandparents.

Shane Ross, the leader of ther Independant Alliance, proposed the scheme in the Alliance's first negotiations meeting with Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe ahead of the upcoming Budget. The Alliance operated in support of the Fine Gael-lead Government.

The Department of Social Protection would handle applications, which would be submitted on the basis of self-assessment by the grandparents appplying. Applicants would submit a form requesting reimbursement for childminding expenses. Transport Minister Shane Ross said the scheme would give "serious recognition" of the important childcare role that grandparents play.

"The payment is aimed at recognising that grandparents allow young mothers and fathers re-enter the workforce by giving their children care they would not get anywhere else and which comes at no cost to parents or the State," Mr Ross told the Irish Independent.

Fine Gael has resisted Mr Ross's calls for grandparent payment schemes in recent years, but the proposal will be costed before the next meeting between Mr Donohoe and the Independent Alliance, which suggests that the proposal is being considered more seriously by Fine Gael. The proposal, according to the Independent Alliance, would cost roughly €70 million per year, with almost 70,000 eligible recipients.


tina halpenny

(03/08/2018 13:05)

without my mother i would not be able to work this would most definitely be put in place for grandparents


(03/08/2018 16:31)

This is spin for the government.

If the Government provided sufficient funded childcare no Grandparents would be needed to mind children. Our childcare system is one of the most expenses in the world, due to extremely low government investment. Let the Grandparents enjoy their older years, 19euro a week for 10hrs childcare is an insult also.


(04/08/2018 16:02)

as usual unfair treatment. I envy the families who have support, we don't. no family, no granny around to do it for us. In my eyes it is unfair scheme.


(05/08/2018 01:13)

There will always be someone left out as there are so many layers to childcare outside the universal ECCE...the ACS is only available to children in creche and Tusla registered childminders for eg.

Minister Zappone has stated this grant will not go ahead today.

Nobody's minder

(27/08/2018 04:54)

€19 a week?! What a joke! Grandparents go off and enjoy yourselves instead of making it easy on the government!

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