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Parents urged to be vigilant of the potential dangers of loom bands

Posted by Elizabeth Clarke, on 15/07/2014. Parents urged to be vigilant of the potential dangers of loom bands Tags: Parenting

Doctors in the UK are urging parents to be vigilant as loom bands are found to pose potential dangers to the kids who wear and make them.

Loom bands are the newest craze amongst young kids, and are made by looping small rubber bands together to form a bracelet.

Popular amongst celebrities, including One Direction band member Harry Styles, GPs have begun to raise concerns over the bands with some UK schools banning students from wearing them. Doctors have warned that the bands could be a choking hazard or cause circulatory problems if children swallow or wrap them round their fingers for any length of time

According to The Irish Mirror, a Bristol based doctor and mother-of-three posted a warning and a photograph on a mothers group after seeing a little boy’s finger turn blue due to lack of circulation caused by one of the bands. Thankfully the parents of the child went in to check on him half an hour after lights out and noticed the fingers.

Further warnings have been issued when another young boy, Kyle Lawrence, was blinded in one eye, after being accidentally pinged in the eye with one of the bracelets, causing a blood clot and some loss of sight.


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