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Parents want daily half hour of exercise in schools

Posted by Sally O'Brien on 23/06/2014. Parents want daily half hour of exercise in schoolsTags: Parenting Education And Politics

Two reports that came out recently highlighting childhood obesity and public opinion are asking government to use their power to curb the soaring childhood obesity levels in Ireland. The Safefoods report asked parents what they think should be done at a government level believing that, ‘child-focused policies, informational measures, subsidies for healthy foods and co-operation between government and the food industry,’ are needed to address this issue.

Today’s Irish Independent also reported that parent’s surveyed ‘believe the Government should provide improved resources for schools to upgrade their playground and exercise facilities, while 90pc feel that a mandatory minimum of 30 minutes exercise per day should be implemented in schools.’

With a shopping checkout ban on selling sweets already underway around the country, according to Irish Health Foundation’s latest survey, a majority of people agreed there should also be a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks in order to help curb child obesity.

With popular opinion now expressing the wish for more goverment involvment to help deal with this issue, asks parents and educaters their views on this issue. Please leave a comment.

If you are worried about your child’s health please see our advice for parents on childhood obesity and weight gain.


Louise Lynch

(25-06-2014 12:19)

I have recently returned from living in the US and a few things my kids had a school seem to make good sense. Health class included topics including diet and exercise. Kids paid $3 once a week (optional) to have a hot healthy lunch that was approved by the local school nurse. There were fitness challenges ending in a year end certificate signed by the office of Barack Obama if the kids met certain age related milestones: run a mile, sit ups, chin ups on monkey bars, 100m dash, planks, press ups. As you can see these generally did not require any expensive equipment. Many additional activities at schools were delivered by volunteer patents once they had passed cori(like Garda clearance) and a short (about 2 hour) course on how to prevent child abuse and general rules of engagement as per the school's child protection policy.
My kids will be starting at a small local school this September and although they have a great out door space they have no indoor play area or hall so the school is providing short yoga (chair yoga) classes on wet days (I will be the volunteer teacher). I look forward to helping keep the kids in my local school fit and healthy. What can you do for your school?

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