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Feeder Schools Lists published for 2017

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 05/12/2017. Feeder Schools Lists published for 2017Tags: Parenting Teachers Education And Politics

The college progression data or information on ‘feeder schools’ to third level for autumn 2017 is available today on providing school-by-school information on which students have progressed to which colleges this year.

To view the information on your school for the last five years on, visit 'Find a secondary school' and when you locate your school click on 'College Progression Stats' on the bottom right of the page. Links to whole school evaluations and subject inspections reports can also be found on the same menu. does not provide 'league table' ranking of schools as very often the progression percentage (as published in the newspapers) is not a true rate of progression as repeat leaving cert students are included in the data from colleges.

However a summary of the trends identified are outlined below

Fee paying versus non fee paying
As in previous years, fee-paying schools continue to dominate the top of the tables with 10 of the top 20 schools listed as being fee paying. The Irish Times lists the Holy Child in Killiney as coming top of the lists this year. However while private schools may continue to dominate with around half recorded as having progression rates of 100%, the progression rates in schools in the Free Education Scheme continue to increase with over 80 of these schools (out of 670) showing progression rates of 100% as compared to 58 last year and with progression rates of around 80% being common.

Irish Medium Schools
Once again, Irish medium schools continue to rank strongly towards the top of the published tables. There are currently over 12,000 students attending secondary school being taught through Irish. According to the Irish Times today, 'of the top 10 schools that showed the greatest improvement in progression rates in 2017, four are Irish medium schools'. Amongst the top non-fee-paying schools with high progression rates to college are Laurel Hill Cólaiste in Limerick with Colaiste Eoin in second place.

Location Matters
Geography continues to play a significant role in college choice with students more likely to enrol in a college convenient to them.  The cost of living away from home and difficulties in obtaining accommodation is becoming an increasingly large factor. The Times data shows that students in counties Cavan and Wicklow are the lease likely to attend third level while progression rates in Roscommon, Kerry and Donegal continue to be higher than other parts of the country.

To view the information on your school for the last five years on, visit 'Find a secondary school' and when you locate your school click on 'College Progression Stats' on the bottom right of the page. Alternatively you can find you school by visiting our map or by inputting the school name in our google search bar on the blue pencil on any page on our site.

Read more about college progression data on



(05/12/2017 09:31)

Can you correct this to Laurel Hill Coláiste as Laurel Hill has two schools, one is the English school (Laurel Hill) and the other is the Coláiste. Thanks. S

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