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Tablets and Phones damaging children's eyesight

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 09/04/2015. Tablets and Phones damaging children's eyesightTags: Parenting Health

It has been reported in UK and Irish media this morning that leading eye specialists and researchers have confirmed the growing fears that the overuse of tablets and phones by children and less outdoor play is directly causing shortsightedness, also called myopia, in later life.

In recent years, there have been numerous reports and warnings among eyesight specialists whose research have concluded that children reading too close to TV, laptops, tablets and phones are increasing their chances of developing myopia (shortsightedness) later in life.

A report in Tech Times last week, revealed that an eye research lab at Ohio State University had reached concrete conclusions that children who read too close to screens in childhood will develop shortsightedness as adults. The researchers also found that children who spent longer periods indoors were more likely to develop this condition.

The Irish Independent reported this morning that senior Irish eye specialist, Dr Don Stack, also commented on the growing research and connection with Irish children’s sight problems.

The Irish Independent writes,

‘Researchers in the UK have found that up to 50pc of the university student population is short-sighted, and there is a sixfold increase among children aged six to 13. Scientists have recommended that children need to spend up to three hours a day in outdoor light.’

The amount of sunlight children are exposed to is also connected to how their eyesight will develop. Less sunlight, research has found, means more sight problems later in life.

Dr. Stack told the Irish Independent,

"This is simply the latest confirmation of numerous studies that have shown that children's exposure to sunlight has a direct impact on their propensity towards myopia"

Source: Irish Independent, Tech Times.


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