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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Clare

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Sn Iosef Naofa
An Mhaigh Leacht Ui Chonchubhair Inis Co An Chlair (065 7081553)Boys: 11 Girls: 14
Gaelscoil Ui ChoiminAn T-Ionad Oige Cill Rois Co An Chlair (065 9052791)Boys: 34 Girls: 37
Scoil Naisiunta Eoin Baiste
Scoil Naisiunta EOIN BAISTE
Ballyvaughan Via Galway Co Clare (065 7077079)Boys: 21 Girls: 15
Baltard National School
BALTARD National School
Baltard Doonbeg Kilrush Co Clare (Closed Sept 2013)Boys: 4 Girls: 2
Bansha National School
BANSHA National School
Bansha, Kilkee Co Clare (065 9056998)Boys: 31 Girls: 19
Bodyke National School
BODYKE National School
Bodyke Co Clare (061 921285)Boys: 16 Girls: 8
Boston National School
BOSTON National School
Boston, Tubber, Co. Clare (091 633211)Boys: 12 Girls: 11
Scoil Naisiunta Na Maighdine MuireBroadford Via Limerick Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '14)Boys: 67 Girls: 58
Broadford & Kilbane National SchoolBroadford, Co Clare (061 473 353)Boys: 73 Girls: 52
St. Josephs National School, KilbaneBroadford, Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '14)Boys: 4 Girls: 2
New Quay National School
NEW QUAY National School
Burren Via Galway Co Clare (065 7078188)Boys: 8 Girls: 18
Dromindoora National School
Dromindoora National School
Caher Via Limerick Co Clare (061 925149)Boys: 22 Girls: 17
Scoil Mhichil
Scoil Mhichil
Cahermurphy, Kilmihil Co Clare (065 9050460)Boys: 17 Girls: 15
Scoil Naisiunta Dubh Rath
Scoil Naisiunta DUBH RATH
Caislean An Chlar Co Clare (065 6829636)Boys: 50 Girls: 42
Carrigaholt Mixed National School
Carrigaholt Ennis Co Clare (065 9058270)Boys: 16 Girls: 15
Sn Realt Na Mara
Chapel St Kilkee Co Clare (065 9056583)Boys: 34 Girls: 32
St. Cuan's National School
St. Cuan's National School
Cill Beathach Inis Co Clare (065 9058212)Boys: 18 Girls: 22
Cooraclare Boys National School
COORACLARE Boys National School
Cill Rois Co Clare (065 9059169)Boys: 52 Girls: 54
Tullycrine National SchoolCill Ruis Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '14)Boys: 13 Girls: 5
Scoil Naisiunta Aibhistin Naofa
Cill Seanaigh Inis Co An Chlair (065 7071344)Boys: 22 Girls: 12
Clondrinagh National SchoolClondrinagh, Lissycasey, Co. Clare (065 6834164)Boys: 18 Girls: 2
Clonmoney National School
Clonmoney National School
Clonmoney, Newmarket-On-Fergus, Co. Clare (061 362672)Boys: 78 Girls: 79
Clooney National School
CLOONEY National School
Clooney Ns Tulla Ennis Co Clare (065 6835806)Boys: 53 Girls: 48
Scoil Chríost Rí
Scoil Chríost Rí
Cloughleigh Ennis Co Clare (065 6820105)Boys: 107 Girls: 117
Scoil Seanain Naofa
Cluainlara Co An Chlair (061 354299)Boys: 179 Girls: 161
Killaloe Boys National School
KILLALOE BOYS National School
Convent Hill, Killaloe Co Clare (061 376407)Boys: 119
St Senan's Primary School
St Senan's Primary School
Convent Of Mercy, Kilrush Co Clare (065 9051792)Boys: 156 Girls: 152
Scoil Naisiunta Cnoc Doire
Scoil Naisiunta CNOC DOIRE
Cooraclare Kilrush Co Clare (065 9052379)Boys: 13 Girls: 14
Scoil Mhuire Náisiúnta Cora Finne
Scoil Mhuire Náisiúnta Cora Finne
Cora Finne Co An Chlair (065 6837302)Boys: 66 Girls: 68
St Annes S SCorrovorrin Ennis Co Clare (065 6829072)Boys: 73 Girls: 26
Cranny National School
Cranny National School
Cranny, Ennis, Co Clare (065 6832345)Boys: 11 Girls: 13
St Johns National School
St Johns National School
Cratloe Co Clare (061 357111)Boys: 125 Girls: 151
Clohanbeg National School
CLOHANBEG National School
Cree Kilrush Co Clare (065 7087540)Boys: 12 Girls: 9
Cree National School
Cree National School
Cree, Kilrush, Co. Clare (065 9059384)Boys: 15 Girls: 26
Inchicronan Central / Crusheen National School
Inchicronan Central / Crusheen National School
Crusheen Co Clare (065 6827183)Boys: 62 Girls: 48
Doonbeg National SchoolDoonbeg Co Clare (065 9055311)Boys: 22 Girls: 29
St. John's National School
St. John's National School
Drumgeely Avenue, Shannon, Co Clare (061 471485)Boys: 9 Girls: 3
Scoil Naisiunta Cluain An Atha
Scoil Naisiunta CLUAIN AN ATHA
Eidhneach Inis Co Clare (065 6836916)Boys: 12 Girls: 15
Sixmilebridge National School
Ennis Co Clare (061 369544)Boys: 258 Girls: 248
Ballynacally National School
Ballynacally National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6832533)Boys: 35 Girls: 52
Lissycasey National School
LISSYCASEY National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6834454)Boys: 74 Girls: 74
Barefield National School
BAREFIELD National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6820303)Boys: 216 Girls: 184
St Clares Special Sch
Ennis Co Clare (065 6821899)Boys: 40 Girls: 21
C.B.S. Primary
C.B.S. Primary
Ennis Co Clare (065 6822150)Boys: 348 Girls: 319
Kilnamona National School
KILNAMONA National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6822986)Boys: 71 Girls: 52
Ennis National SchoolEnnis Co Clare (065 6829158)Boys: 305 Girls: 274
Holy Family Junior SchoolEnnis Co Clare (065 6829808)Boys: 96 Girls: 105
Kilnaboy National School
KILNABOY National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6837702)Boys: 35 Girls: 53
Connolly National School
CONNOLLY National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6839350)Boys: 21 Girls: 23
Inch National School
INCH National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6839353)Boys: 50 Girls: 49
Kilmaley National School
KILMALEY National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 6839360)Boys: 57 Girls: 67
Doolin Mixed National School
DOOLIN MIXED National School
Ennis Co Clare (065 7074403)Boys: 46 Girls: 28
Scoil Na Maighdine Mhuire
Ennis Rd, Newmarketonfergus (061 368333)Boys: 100 Girls: 106
Kildysart National School
KILDYSART National School
Ennis Road Kildysart Co Clare (065 6832477)Boys: 69 Girls: 79
St Mochullas National School
ST MOCHULLAS National School
Ennis Road Tulla Co Clare (065 6835840)Boys: 147 Girls: 143
Scoil Mainchin, C.B.S. National SchoolEnnistymon Co Clare (065-7071722)Boys: 56 Girls: 60
Scoil Na MbraithreEnnistymon Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '07)Amalgamated
Ennistymon Convent National SchoolEnnistymon Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '07)
Mol An Oige
Mol an Oige
Ennistymon, Co Clare (065 7072814)Boys: 75 Girls: 61
Fanore National School
Fanore National School
Fanore, Co. Clare (065 7076197)Boys: 17 Girls: 14
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Feakle Co Clare (061 924116)Boys: 37 Girls: 33
Flagmount Central National School
Flagmount Central Ns Flagmount Caher Co Clare (061 925177)Boys: 28 Girls: 28
Furglan National School
Furglan National School
Forgleann Leacht Ui Chonchuir Co An Chlair (065 7071979)Boys: 21 Girls: 15
Ennis Educate Together National School
Gort Road Ennis Co Clare (065 6820070)Boys: 55 Girls: 45
St Flannan's National School
St Flannan's National School
Inagh Co Clare (065 6836778)Boys: 82 Girls: 58
Gael Sc Mhichil Chiosog
Inis Co An Chlair (065 6821220)Boys: 168 Girls: 207
Carron National School
Carron National School
Inis Co Clare (065 7089201)Boys: 10 Girls: 16
Clarecastle National SchoolInis Co Clare (065 6828274)Boys: 190 Girls: 184
Scoil Naisiunta Liosceanuir
Scoil Naisiunta LIOSCEANUIR
Inis Co Clare (065 7081838)Boys: 39 Girls: 34
Saint Marys National School Lahinch
Inis Co Clare (065 7081844)Boys: 78 Girls: 67
Clouna National School
Clouna National School
Inis Diomain Co Clare (065 7071949)Boys: 24 Girls: 23
St Fachnan & St Attractas National School
Kilfenora Co Clare (065 7088217)Boys: 27 Girls: 30
Moveen National SchoolKilkee Co Clare (065 9056248)Boys: 36 Girls: 34
Doonaha National School
DOONAHA National School
Kilkee Co Clare (065 9057084)Boys: 6 Girls: 8
Mercy Convent Killaloe
Killaloe Co Clare (061 376861)Girls: 94
Droimdiogach National SchoolKillmurry Mc Mahon Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '14)Boys: 18 Girls: 24
Cahermurphy National SchoolKilmihil Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '13)Boys: 13 Girls: 13
Kilmihil National School
KILMIHIL National School
Kilmihil Ennis Co Clare (065 9050366)Boys: 50 Girls: 47
Clonigulane National SchoolKilmihil Kilrush Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '13)Boys: 6 Girls: 6
Coolmeen National School
COOLMEEN National School
Kilmurray Mcmahon Kilrush Co Clare (065 6832320)Boys: 5 Girls: 9
Kilmurry Mcmahon National SchoolKilmurry Mcmahon, Co. Clare (TBC - Opening Sept '14)Boys: 31 Girls: 29
Kilmurry National School
Kilmurry National School
Kilmurry, Sixmilebridge, Co Clare (061 367623)Boys: 75 Girls: 60
Burrane National School
BURRANE National School
Kilrush Co Clare (065 9053144)Boys: 28 Girls: 33
Cross National School
CROSS National School
Kilrush Co Clare (065 9058244)Boys: 8 Girls: 10
Knockanean National School
Knockanean National School
Knockanean, Ennis, Co Clare (065 6840088)Boys: 125 Girls: 140
Labasheeda Central National School
Labasheeda, Kilrush, Co Clare (065 6826063)Boys: 8 Girls: 13
Lisdoonvarna National School
LISDOONVARNA National School
Lisdoonvarna Co Clare (065 7074231)Boys: 54 Girls: 59
Caherea National School
Caherea National School
Lissycasey Ennis Co Clare (065 6834029)Boys: 19 Girls: 18
Scoil Mhuire Miliuc
Meelick, Co. Clare (061 327088)Boys: 71 Girls: 68
St Joseph's National School
St Joseph's National School
Miltown Malbay Co Clare (065 7084414)Boys: 43 Girls: 55
Rineen National School
RINEEN National School
Miltown Malbay Co Clare (065 7084534)Boys: 30 Girls: 20
Rockmount Mixed National School
Miltown Malbay Co Clare (065 7084599)Boys: 26 Girls: 21
Annagh National School
ANNAGH National School
Miltown Malbay Co Clare (065 7084850)Boys: 51 Girls: 35
Iniscealtra National School
Iniscealtra National School
Mountshannon, Co Clare (061 927299)Boys: 37 Girls: 27
Moyasta National School
Moyasta National School
Moyasta Co Clare (065 9051551)Boys: 24 Girls: 32
Clohanes National School
CLOHANES National School
Mullach Co Clare (065 7087533)Boys: 20 Girls: 25
Mullagh National School
MULLAgH National School
Mullagh Ennis Co Clare (065 7087472)Boys: 32 Girls: 32
Scropul National SchoolMullagh Ennis Co Clare (CLOSED)Boys: 4
Coore National SchoolMullagh, Ennis (0657087592)Boys: 13 Girls: 14
Coore National SchoolMullagh, Ennis, Co Clare (Amalgamated Sept '12)Boys: 10 Girls: 10
Ballycar National School
BALLYCAR National School
Newmarket On Fergus Co Clare (061 368852)Boys: 18 Girls: 12
Stonehall National School
STONEHALL National School
Newmarket On Fergus Co Clare (061 362863)Boys: 54 Girls: 47
Bridgetown National School
Bridgetown National School
Obriens Bridge (061 377836)Boys: 70 Girls: 57
St Patrick's National School
St Patrick's National School
Ocallaghans Mills Co Clare (065 6835730)Boys: 28 Girls: 34
Ogonnelloe National School
Ogonnelloe Tuamgraney Scariff Co Clare (061 923144)Boys: 55 Girls: 56
Parteen National School
Parteen National School
Parteen (061 340457)Boys: 190 Girls: 186
Querrin National School
Querrin National School
Querrin, Kilkee, Co. Clare (065 9057097)Boys: 8 Girls: 8
Quilty National School
QUILTY National School
Quilty Ennis Co Clare (065 7087250)Boys: 21 Girls: 23
Scoil Naisiunta Mhainistir ChuincheQuin, Co. Clare (065 6825785)Boys: 155 Girls: 139
Scoil Na Mainistreach Quin DanganQuin, Co. Clare (TBC - Opening Sept '15)Opening Sept '15
Raheen Wood Steiner National SchoolRaheen Road,Tuamgraney, Co Clare (061 921494)Boys: 46 Girls: 58
Ruan Central National School
RUAN CENTRAL National School
Ruan Ennis Co Clare (065 6837301)Boys: 55 Girls: 53
Scariff Central National SchoolScariff Co Clare (061 921481)Boys: 88 Girls: 77
Shannon Airport 1 National School
SHANNON AIRPORT 1 National School
Shannon Airport Co Clare (061 472005)Boys: 56 Girls: 66
Shragh National School
Shragh National School
Shragh, Doonbeg, Co. Clare (065 9055295)Boys: 16 Girls: 10
Gaelscoil Donncha Rua
Sionna Co An Chlair (061 363165)Boys: 31 Girls: 36
St Aidans National School
ST AIDANS National School
Smithstown Shannon Co Clare (061 363147)Boys: 141 Girls: 128
Ballyea Mixed National School
BALLYEA MIXED National School
Sn Bhaile Aodha Darragh Ennis Co Clare (065 6838144)Boys: 109 Girls: 99
Kilkishen National School
KILKISHEN National School
Sn Muire Na D Chomhairl Cill Chisin Ennis Co Clare (061 367289)Boys: 52 Girls: 64
Holy Family Senior School
Station Rd., Ennis Co Clare (065 6828893)Boys: 156 Girls: 186
Toonagh National School
TOONAGH National School
Toonagh Ennis Co Clare (065 6820143)Boys: 52 Girls: 68
Tuamgraney National School
Tuamgraney National School
Tuamgraney, Limerick (061 921550)Boys: 46 Girls: 42
Tubber National School
TUBBER National School
Tubber Co Clare (091 633230)Boys: 13 Girls: 15
An Daingin
Tulla Ennis Co Clare (065 6835590)Boys: 10 Girls: 7
St Tola's National School
St Tola's National School
Tullyglass, Shannon Co Clare (061 362894)Boys: 115 Girls: 112
St Conaires National School
ST CONAIRES National School
Tullyvarraga, Shannon, Co Clare (061 364694)Boys: 256 Girls: 239
Lakyle National School
LAKYLE National School
Whitegate, Co. Clare (061 927288)Boys: 27 Girls: 29