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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Donegal West

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Acres National SchoolAilt An Chorrain Leitirceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9542134)Boys: 45 Girls: 43
Scoil Naisiunta Min An AoireAn Charraig Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9739347)Boys: 10 Girls: 14
Scoil Naisiunta An ChillinAn Cillin Inver Co Donegal (074 9736322)Boys: 14 Girls: 9
Scoil RoisinAn Clochan Liath Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9521047)Boys: 31 Girls: 27
Scoil Naisiunta Min Na ManrachAn Clochan Liath Leitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (Amalgamated Sept '12)Girls: 7
Scoil ChroineAn Clochán Liath, Co. Dhún Na Ngall (074 9521316)Boys: 147 Girls: 126
Scoil Naisiunta Loch An IubhairAnagaire Leitir Ceanainn Tir Chonaill (074 9548222)Boys: 23 Girls: 19
Scoil Naomh DúighAnagaire, Leitir Ceanainn​​​​, Tír Chonaill, Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9548162)Boys: 52 Girls: 61
Sn Arainn Mhor IiArainn Mhor Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9520117)Boys: 5 Girls: 7
Sn Arainn Mhor IArainn Mor Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9520116)Boys: 18 Girls: 18
Scoil Naisiunta Mhin Teineadh DeArd A Ratha Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9541003)Boys: 22 Girls: 21
Scoil Naisiunta An BhreacaighArd A Ratha Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9541279)Boys: 21 Girls: 25
Ardara Mixed National SchoolArdara Co Donegal (074 9541539)Boys: 14 Girls: 11
Scoil Naisiunta FhionnainBaile Chonaill An Falcarrach Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9135122)Boys: 99 Girls: 80
Scoil Naisiunta CholmcilleBaile Na Finne Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9546209)Boys: 27 Girls: 32
Bruckless National SchoolBruckless Co Donegal (074 9737366)Boys: 12 Girls: 10
Scoil Chartha NaofaChill Chartha Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9738092)Boys: 61 Girls: 65
Scoil Naisiunta Chill CoinnighCill Choinnigh Glenties Co Donegal (074 9544270)Boys: 17 Girls: 8
Scoil Naisiunta Crannaighe BuidheCrannog Bui Ardara Co Donegal (074 9541002)Boys: 13 Girls: 14
Scoil Phadraig, DoireDobhar An Bun Beag Leitirceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9531787)Boys: 37 Girls: 54
Scoil Mhuire B&CDoire Beaga Leitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9531557)Boys: 73 Girls: 74
St Riaghans National SchoolDrimnacrosh Kilraine P.O. Co Donegal (074 9551591)Boys: 23 Girls: 13
Scoil Naisiunta Duchoraidh
Scoil Naisiunta Duchoraidh
Duchoraidh Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9546315)Boys: 15 Girls: 7
Scoil Naisiunta Na CarraigeDun Na Ngall Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9739244)Boys: 56 Girls: 54
Holy Trinity National SchoolDunfanaghy Co Donegal (074 9136319)Boys: 13 Girls: 18
Scoil Naisiunta Baile MorDunfanaghy Po Letterkenny Co Donegal (074 9136255)Boys: 13 Girls: 19
Scoil Chróine An Chlochán Liath
Scoil Chróine An Chlochán Liath
Dungloe Co Donegal (Amalgamated Sept '12)Boys: 153 Girls: 114
Scoil Naisiunta FhionntraFintra Killybegs Co Donegal (074 9731668)Boys: 30 Girls: 29
Frosses National SchoolFrosses Inver Co Donegal (074 9736514)Boys: 45 Girls: 49
Gaelscoil Chois FeabhaillGaa Bun An Phobail Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9385762)Boys: 34 Girls: 28
Scoil Naisiunta An ChaisealGleann Cholmcille Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9730081)Boys: 35 Girls: 30
Scoil MhuireGlenties Co Donegal (074 9551521)Boys: 59 Girls: 63
Scoil Naisiunta Cnoc Na NaomhGort A Choirce Leitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9165133)Boys: 46 Girls: 59
Gortnacart National SchoolGortnacart Ardara Co Donegal (074 9541799)Boys: 14 Girls: 14
St Mary's National School Ardara
St Mary's National School Ardara
Hillhead, Ardara, Co. Donegal (074 9541903)Boys: 19 Girls: 15
Inver National SchoolInver Co Donegal (074 9736438)Boys: 16 Girls: 12
Killaghtee National SchoolKillaghtee Dunkineely Co Donegal (074 9737433)Boys: 15 Girls: 25
Niall Mór National SchoolKillybegs Co Donegal (074 9731794)Boys: 112 Girls: 71
Scoil Naisiunta Beal Na CruiteKincasslagh Leitir Ceanainn Co Dun Na Ngall (074 9543364)Boys: 25 Girls: 25
Scoil Naisiunta Leitir Mhic An BhairdLeithbhearr Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9544238)Boys: 16 Girls: 18
Scoil Naisiunta Gort An ChoirceLeitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9135094)Boys: 36 Girls: 29
Min A Ghabhann National SchoolLettermacaward Donegal (074 9544406)Boys: 10 Girls: 10
Lunnaigh National SchoolLuinneach Doiri Beaga Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9531547)Boys: 84 Girls: 63
Sn ChonaillMachaire Chlochair Bun Beag Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9532535)Boys: 46 Girls: 26
Scoil Naomh DubhthachMachaire Ui Rabhartaigh Gort A Choirce Leitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9135665)Boys: 24 Girls: 21
Scoil Bhrighde MeenacladyMin A Chladhaigh Gort A Choirce Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9135658)Boys: 8 Girls: 12
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh BridNa Dunaibh Leitir Ceanainn Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9155490)Boys: 40 Girls: 45
Sn Eadan FhionnfhaoichNa Gleannta Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9551663)Boys: 12 Girls: 9
St ConalsNarin Portnoo Co Donegal (074 9545379)Boys: 44 Girls: 42
Scoil Naisiunta Olibhear PluinceidRann Na Feirste Anagaire Co Dhun Na Ngall (074 9548318)Boys: 44 Girls: 43
Killybegs Common National SchoolThe Commons Killybegs Co Donegal (074 9731919)Boys: 46 Girls: 63