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01/21/2010 02:30 PM - Feedback-on-this-school

I am a prospective parent looking to find the right secondary school for my 2 children. Word of mouth seems to be the most common way to find the school that suits your family. how do you find the school?

02/10/2010 04:32 PM -
I have done a little research,nothing scientific,just on line .I have enrolled my two children in this school for September.they will be entering second year and fourth year.We are moving from New york.I made my decision based on the fact that it is a mixed school.(I want to keep them together somewhat,as it´s a big move).Also it looks to be a nice place.I suppose it´s a leap of faith.They´re are no guarantees.Hopefully they will settle in a be happy.It depends on the kids themselves.....This school feels right for us.We will know more this time next year.Wish us luck!

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