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teri hayes Coláiste Eoin          
04/17/2008 09:02 AM - (share to everyone)
Hi - my so is attending Scoil lorcain and we plan on sending him to Colaiste Eoin. my irish is not good and I am concerned that about my ability to help him in schoold due to this. i have also heard that it is a very academic school and not so focussed on arts and music -Does anyone have information on this?

Ide 04/18/2008 09:49 AM -
Hi teri
I´m in a slightly different position to you in that I am planning to send my daughter to Scoil Isogain next door but she is currently attending an English speaking school although is good at languages and Ireland. I would imagine that I have even less Irish then you and was also worried about helping her with homework. However I spoke with a few teachers in the school and they made the point that at secondary level it´s not necessarily the parents role to help with homework as in most cases, whether it´s an english or irish speaking school, the parents will not be familiar enough with the curriculum. Students needing extra assistance will either seek it from their teacher or through a grind. I know that Colaiste Iosagan also provide tuition in Irish in the evenings for parents which would also help.
While I can´t specifically comment on the issue of arts and music in Colaiste Eoin, I know , as I have nieces in Colaiste Iosagain , that every 2nd year they put on a play/musical with Colaiste Eoin which is of a very high standard. Colaiste Iosagain also has a very wide range of activities and events happening in the school and as the students from both schools share classes/teachers in 5th & 6th year I would imagine that many of the activities are jointly shared.

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