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Our Lady Of Consolation National School

Phone: 01 8310721

our lady of consolation ns rollnumber 20064O

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** our-lady-of-consolation-ns-rollnumber-20064O
Schooldays OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION National School          
01/14/2009 04:32 PM - (share to everyone)
See discussion thread attached for feedback on this school,-Donnycarney-0804171251!open#bottom">,-Donnycarney-0804171251!open#bottom

Principal 01/15/2009 06:06 PM -
This school prides itself on the fabulous pupils who are educated in small classes.This very favourable pupil:teacher ratio ensures that each child´s individual needs are met in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The school enjoys excellent working relationships with the parents who are central to the success of the school. Their involvement ensures that the school is highly resourced and that a climate of goowill and co-operation pervades all of our activities. This level of co-operation results in increased levels of attainment, good discipline and enjoyment for all the participants in the school.

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