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Scoil Neasáin

Phone: 01 8316338

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Siobhn N Chinnide SCOIL NEASAIN          
03/20/2009 07:41 PM - (share to everyone)
I attended this school from 1994 to 2002,I´m now training in Trinity College to become a nurse. I have to say it was a great school I really loved it, I now have a niece and hope that she will be attending in the future as it is a great school provides a great education.


maxconnors 04/26/2009 05:44 PM -
I attended that school in the 80´s. Can´t say that I look back on it with fond memories. Some teachers in that school we classic examples of how not to teach. I also seen some serious bullying by certain teachers against certain pupils......Terrible. The worst was a pupil being seriously assaulted by a teacher....the teacher clapped the pupils ears at the same time... like they were clapping their hands really hard, but the pupils head seperated/ in between the hands. The pupil told me afterwards that his ears/ hearing weren´t rights for weeks afterwards.

If you came from a family where the parents spoke Irish, then you were loved......If you weren´t, then you we down the list. If you were from a broken home, then you were really looked down upon. It was a bit of an elitist school in that regard.

I hope it´s better now. But I wouldn´t send my Kids there.

dano 04/29/2009 01:15 PM -
In fairness Max you could say that for nearly every school in Ireland back in teh 80´s and early 90´s. Col Mhuire was another example of that but as with everything in life if you stick by the rukes you wont get burned. I was one that stepped out of line as been a bit of a messer back then and suffered the painful upshot. I can honestly say that I loved it as we had a few great laughs along the way as well as a very good education. Suas an teanga.

martina 06/22/2009 05:52 PM -
does anyone know the name of the head teacher in scoil neassain in 1994? thanks

maxconnors 06/23/2009 11:41 PM -
I believe the head masters name was Micheal o Fathaigh.

Does anyone know what ever happened to a teacher that was there during the 80´s called Bean u Lionin. Not sure when she left, or if she is even still alive.

martina 06/28/2009 12:56 PM -
Thanks for that Max, and by the way, dont ever let anyone look down on you. Remember, you were a vulnerable child, and just like elderly people, you were easy to pick on to make some loser feel good about themselves. I can gaurantee you that whoever abused their powers, will have to squirm now, everytime they hear the Ryan report mentioned, but you can hold your head up high along with all the other human beings who were humiliated by those who should have known better.

maxconnors 06/30/2009 09:53 PM -
Sorry Dano, just to clarify....I was referring to primary Scoil Neasain. I don´t think most primary schools in the 80´s or 90´s were sending home pupils that were injured for weeks after a physical assault. I certainly never heard of it happening in the other primary schools that my friends attended. Also, sticking by the rules is no guarantee that you won´t be burnt. Just a shame that the teachers didn´t stick by the rules.

I´m not trying to say that it´s the worst school in the world, i´m just trying to disspell the myth that it´s a GREAT school, or as some think.... the best school ever. In many ways Scoil neasain contained teachers in the 80´s that were examples of how not to teach. I´m pretty sure they are gone from the school now, and good riddence.

ecallan 07/17/2009 04:53 PM -
Does anyone know if the head master M OFathaigh has retired?

maxconnors 07/21/2009 05:20 AM -
Hi ecallan.......Yes, i heard he retired a good few years ago.

10/12/2009 08:50 AM -
Hi I am thinking of sending my kids to a gaelscoil. We are not an irish speaking family. at best i have leaving cert irish. for those who have been to a gaelscoil and come from a non irish speaking family, what are your thoughts on this. Was it more difficult? did you fall behind or feel at a disadvantage to irish speaking kids?did your education suffer? I would really appreciate some input. as an aside, I know 5 kids who go to gaelscoils who come from non irish speaking families and all of them get extra help in school.

ine N Fhaolin 10/22/2009 08:40 PM -
Hi mryan, just to let you know that my 3 daughters all attended Scoil Neasin. They all loved it and never had any problems with students or teachers in the school. Neither my husband nor I can speak Irish, but Scoil Neasin do provide classes to parents for a small fee. My daughters never had a problem picking Irish up, the only difficulty they found was adjusting to the curriculum through english in secondary school, and this only lasted for the frist couple of weeks. To this day they continue to speak Irish and are members of Fors na nGaeilge. I would highly recommend Scoil Neasin because in the 12 years I was associated with the school I never felt excluded, the teachers, the parents even the students encouraged me and others without Irish to speak the cpa focail they did have. We have many fond memories and friends from our years there. Sln agus go n-ir an t-dh leat.

Kate Q 10/24/2009 08:43 PM -
I attended Scoil Neasain from ´86 - ´93 and would largely agree with the above statement. My parents didn´t speak Irish but that had no effect whatsoever on my ability to learn and use it. A few of the teachers at the time didn´t make life easy for English speaking parents, but they´re all gone now. The current principal was my teacher in 6th class and she´s a wonderful. I´d highly recommend education through Irish. Although the change from primary to secondary can take a short time to adjust to, the ability to speak two languages really stands to you in the long run (even if it isn´t a traditionally "useful" language)

07/22/2010 12:03 PM -
Hi Guys, I attended Scoil Neasain until 1982, I was from a dis-advantaged non-Irish speaking family and I hated the way I was made to feel inferior by a few teachers, I was constantly singled out as a suspect whenever anything untoward happened, the prejudices and elitism in action where clear for even a child to recognize, subsequently, I began to mitch school as an escape which only served to prove the opinions of the lofty teachers to be founded, luckily for me, I had a fantastic teacher in 5th class "Maistir Sean O Grainne", he restored my faith in humanitarian teachers and to this day I thank him for the success I have become.   In short, in the 80s teachers, regardless of moral stature had the luxury of unquestioned respect, these days we all know better and respect is earned, from what I hear of Scoil Neasain nowadays, it is still a fantastic vessel of education that is a true asset to Irish society in general and the North Dublin community in particular.
Padraig De Grannt rang 6 1982

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